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Conflicting tales trail alleged suicide of pharmacist, Paul Olafare: ‘We caught the wife running away’ –Deceased’s brother

Brother, Olami

Brother, Olami

Paul Oluwaseun Olafare, is a Lagos pharmacist in his 30s who allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of Sunday, April 12, 2015, in Lagos after drinking a substance suspected to be pesticide. He was married to Busayo Olafare and they had two children together.

According to reports, Olafare allegedly drank a substance suspected to be poisonous, while his wife, Busayo was having her bath in preparation for church only to come out and find her husband writhing in pains. Obafare was said to have borrowed a huge sum of money to set up his own pharmacy, but his inability to pay back put him under severe pressure. He was said to have sent a text message to his wife urging her to consider remarrying if anything happened to him. His wife claimed he had attempted to jump into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge.

The brother of the deceased (Olafare Olami), however, debunked the story in a series of Facebook posts. He wrote, “Big brother, third born of the family, the father, husband, preacher of the word of God, the prayer man, writer, pharmacist, Oluwaseun Paul Olafare is no more, can’t believe it. He was murdered and his wife didn’t call any member of the family, saying he drank poison and she took him to the morgue before neighbours called my dad. They caught her packing her belongings. What a life. If Nigerian Police refuse to investigate properly, God will and I mean God will. Omo Olafare Paulo sun re ooo.”

This is the brother of the deceased. Why are people so daft and can’t even think before putting up a story or whatever you might call this. Just look at what you people put up. She said she was in the bathroom, came out and saw her husband writhing in pains and she said, Paul why and she couldn’t shout for help and stressed in your stupid and foolish story that he drank the remaining poison in her presence and she couldn’t rush him to the hospital and call his family members.

When the police went to their house, they saw Busayo packing her belongings. Why was she trying to run away when she knew nothing about her husband’s death?

My brother couldn’t have committed suicide. He knew the word of God. His wife had been giving him problem and she succeeded in turning him to something else. He had been behaving funny to the extent that he no longer recognized his own family members. His wife would not even allow him take his children to grandma’s house. Somolu Parish, you are a disgrace to Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and this so-called Femi among the youth knows a lot about this happening. He needs to be arrested.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a phone chat with the deceased’s brother, Olami, where he spoke about issues in their family

How many are you in your family?

We are eight – Four girls and four boys. Our dad had two wives. Oluwaseun is my elder brother and my step-brother. My mother is the younger wife of our father.

Did you have a good relationship with your late brother?

Not really. I went to his house when he had his second child. We don’t know anything about him because we don’t visit him and he and his wife don’t visit us. Even when his mother, my step-mother passed on, he and his wife didn’t attend the burial.

They were in their own world. We actually thought they were really in love and they didn’t want people to visit them, but it was more than that. How can his mother pass on and he won’t attend the ceremony, while in Lagos, and his wife didn’t attend too. Everything just seemed suspicious.

What did you sense before things started getting worse?

We don’t know anything about him. We don’t even know where he worked, but I don’t think he had a pharmacy of his own. We heard he worked at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

But how could she have tried to run away when her husband just passed on. I was at the police station with her that Sunday and she said, “I didn’t kill your brother.” How can she say such a thing? She didn’t even say, I didn’t kill my husband. We don’t know what really happened, but God has seen everything.

It was reported your brother borrowed money, but when he couldn’t pay back, he decided to take his own life?

My brother can never commit suicide. I knew him well. Since he was at Yabatech before going to LUTH, he was a shy person. Moreover, his mother was well to do. She left landed property for them before she passed on. We have money. He would have asked for help from our elder brother and they would have helped him.

How is your dad taking his death?

My dad said Seun called all these. He couldn’t take decisions without his wife. But we can’t blame people for their mistakes.

You mentioned a name, Femi, that he knows something about his death?

Yes. Femi was the person who said Seun called him on Sunday morning before the incident. He insisted Seun called him three times. How can he be the only one Seun called that morning?

Who has the custody of the children?

The children are with Busayo’s mother. Even if she actually killed her husband, we don’t want the children to know. We want to make things easy because of the children. They will hate their mother if they find out she killed their father.

A neghbour of the Olafares, Mama Blessing also spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly…

She said we have not seen any of the family members since the incident. His car has been faulty for some time now. It’s as if the man knew he would die. Although the mallam selling outside said he saw Mr. Olafare looking far spent and asked what the problem was, but he said nothing. We don’t really know what happened because we were also preparing for church that Sunday morning.

Their apartment has been under lock since the incident. They live in a mini-flat. We don’t really know what happened. The wife of Mr. Olafare, Busayo, called for help and he was rushed to the hospital.

My husband went with other people to rescue Mr. Olafare but he had drank the said pesticide already, but while the doctors and nurses tried to save his life by placing him on oxygen, it was reported that the substance was affecting their eyes. I think he actually drank the pesticide. The pesticide was smelling everywhere in their house, but we don’t know how he drank it.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly asked if the couple had misunderstanding regularly, the neighbour said it’s normal for couples to quarrel.

Mr. Olafare didn’t mingle with neighbours, although he greeted us and that’s it. So, we don’t know much about him, but his wife is a banker. He was initially taken to Daniel Hospital at Car Wash, Oworonshoki, Lagos, where he gave up the ghost. Mr. Olafare was a gentleman.

When he was around, no one knew. It is also very bad for people not to associate with their neighbours atimes.

Although, a lady came looking for Mr. Olafare, from a bank, I told her he is dead. Then a man asked after him, but he didn’t say what he wanted. Even his wife does the same thing. She doesn’t mingle with neighbours.

ENCOMIUM Weekly further investigated at Panti Police Station, Adekunle, Lagos, where the wife of the deceased, Mr. Olafare Busayo Iyabowale has been detained to talk to the investigating police officer in-charge of the case. The IPO who spoke anonymously revealed that an autopsy will be carried out and the said pesticide has been sent to the laboratory for test. The officer said investigation is still on-going, so they can’t release some information for now.


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