Consumers rejoice as Ikeja DISCO gives discount on outstanding bills

The Ikeja Electric is giving out discount on outstanding bills. The decision is to ease those who are ready to pay off their bills at once. The largest electricity distribution company designed the initiative specifically for unmetered Non-Maximum Demand (NMD) customers. It is also an avenue to support customers, especially those who are financially constrained by the present economic realities.

ENCOMIUM Weekly placed a call to the customer care representative of IE and it was answered by a lady, who identified herself as Tope. In her statement, she said, “It is just to encourage our customers to make their payments and make it more convenient for them to pay their outstanding bills.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly also visited IE and sampled customers’ views on the new development.



I am very happy for this great opportunity to pay off my debt. The first time I heard of it on the radio, I thought it was a joke not until I came here myself to confirm it. They have really encouraged us to pay our debt and relieve us in the face of the present economic situation.

After clearing off my debt, I am very sure IE won’t have to disconnect our power supply again.



I am owing over N150,000 and now I am being given a 15 percent discount. This is a great avenue for me to pay off my debt. They really encouraged us to pay. Though, I had the intention of paying but this is a great opportunity for me to pay off my debt. It was my wife who heard of it first probably from the radio and she told me, but I never believed her. I started turning in to radio stations every day until I heard it myself.



I am happy with the idea of giving discount on electricity but why don’t they just provide every home with prepaid meters and worryless about bad debt. More so, we were told we will be given metre for free. The idea is very nice but I don’t think I can pay off everything now despite the economic challenges.



It sounds like a good idea to me but I still insist on getting a prepaid metre. They can’t continue sending crazy bills to customers when they don’t supply power to their homes. The debt we owe was intentional because they don’t give us light in our area and they bring bills of N30,000 each per house. How can I pay for what I don’t use?



I have been looking forward for a great opportunity like this and I see it as a privilege to pay off my debt. I am tired of them disconnecting my power supply every month. I will have to pay installmentally.


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