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Consumption of Fanta and Sprite unaffected despite fears

With the news of Fanta and Sprite being poisonous if taken with Vitamin C gaining momentum, fears that a drastic fall their consumption will be recorded are unfounded

This speculation prompted the chat with soft drink sellers and consumers on whether the consumption has been affected. 

Sellers and consumers of the products have these to say:


Miss Amaka (Ace supermarket)

To be candid, Fanta and Sprite are not being consumed like before. Though, ever since there had been a change in the prices of soft drinks, there has been changes in their consumption too. But I think the latest story about Fanta and Sprite has scared some customers away from consuming them.


Mrs. Ogunleye (seller)

I don’t think the consumption has dropped. Like I would always say, ‘your faith will heal you’. They didn’t say the product are poisonous, they only said they shouldn’t be taken with Vitamin C. People still buy them very well, l also drink them.


Mrs. Mojisola Yusuf (seller)

I would say the consumption has not dropped because most people don’t even know about I. And besides, it’s not even ideal to use soft drinks to take drugs.


Mrs. Owolabi (seller)

People still buy Fanta and Sprite. There hasn’t been any obvious change in the consumption.


Madam Margaret (seller)

There hasn’t been any change in the consumption of Fanta and Sprite. The consumption has neither reduced nor increased.


Mrs. Bolanle Jimoh (consumer)

I don’t usually take Sprite because it’s not one of my favourite drinks. I still take Fanta very well.


Ibitoye Oluwasegun (consumer)

I’ve been taking Sprite and Fanta for years now and I’m still living, so why will they kill me now. I still take them though, I don’t usually use drink to take drugs.


Awosika Bamidele (consumer)

I don’t really like Sprite but I take Fanta all the time. If I can’t get Coke, then l take Fanta.


Akinola Junior 

I take both Fanta and Sprite very well. Fanta is my best drink though.


Egbeyemi Bukola (consumer)

I have not stopped taking either Fanta or Sprite. I still drink them well.


Olarewaju seyifunmi (consumer)

I don’t drink Fanta and Sprite before, not too talk of now that many rumours have been going around. I don’t drink it at all


Mr. Bolagade(consumer)

I drink Fanta and Sprite before, but since l had that their case is in court, immediately I stopped drinking it. I just take Mirinda instead of Fanta.


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