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Coronavirus death toll climbs to 4%

Coronavirus death toll climbs to 4% in the world, but Germany gives us hope with only 0.27% casualty

The death toll of victims of COVID-19 is climbing, but there is hope as Germany records unprecedented arrest of those succumbing to the ravaging virus.
While total death stands at 4.1 per cent (10,495 victims) from the recorded infection of 255,495 in the world, the death rate in Germany is barely 0.27%.
Of Germany’s total infected persons of 17,776 at 4:05 pm on Friday,  March 20, 2020, those who died from the infection are 48.
The good news is that with extensive early testing, Germany is quickly tackling the infection.
And the country has intensive care beds to treat those who are infected.
What’s more, those infected were also mostly younger. And the citizens are following restrictions imposed by the government.



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