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Cossy Orjiakor on her tattoos and why marriages collapse

A couple of days back, actress cum singer, Cossy Orjiakor posted a picture of her new tattoo on social media. It was alleged that the tattoo was done on her private part, fans reacted negatively about it. Some people were not surprised because Cossy is often in the news for controversial reasons. ENCOMIUM Weekly took her up on this and much more…


Why did you tattoo a fish on your body?

It is a lovely tattoo. A Japanese fish, I think it is called Koi. The tattoo is meant to cover up another tattoo you don’t like again. You don’t clean tattoos. You have to cover up the old one when you are tired of it.

What did you tattoo on that spot before?

It was an amazon, a female warrior. I just like the character. There was nothing special about it.

How much did you do it and where did you do it?

I did it in Abuja. The guy is very expensive. He is French and based in Abuja as well.

Why go to Abuja to do tattoo?

I am presently in Abuja. I will be staying in Abuja more than Lagos now. Lagos is becoming boring. More so, most of my friends are in Abuja, I just decided to join them here.

It was alleged that you tattooed the fish on your private part?

No, why will I do that. Don’t mind them. The tattoo on at my back.

Does your man support you wearing tattoo?

He is not that kind of man. He is not like the Nigerian man that beats his wife. He understands me, he cares for me and always wants me to be happy.

What informed the new picture you posted on your social media page where you displayed your boobs?

My boobs are always there. It is not as if I expose them. I may wear an attire and it will expose my boobs while another person may wear the same attire and it will cover up her boobs. There is nothing I can do about it.

Some of your fans want to know if your lifestyle can keep a marriage?

I also want to tell them to concentrate on their marriages. They should not put their mouth in other people’s business. That attitude does not help marriage. That is one of the reasons marriages break up. They concentrate on other people’s business and leave theirs.

What is happening to your career?

I am having fun. I am not in a race with anybody. I am happy with my life. That is more important to me. When I am in the mood, I will go to work.


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