Cost of cooking a pot of soup doubles


With the skyrocketing prices of food items, it is increasingly expensive to make a pot of soup. An average family can spend almost N10,000 to make a pot of soup that will only last three days. The same amount that can conveniently stock food for a household of five a couple of months back. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of housewives, stew expert on how much it takes to make a pot of soup.



My pot of stew used to be N8,000. I don’t put tomatoe paste in it. And it can serve a family of six to eight at a sitting. A family of five can use it twice.

Now, it is about N12,000. Everything has gone up, gas, oil, condiments. It also means I will use tomatoe pasta. We used to buy a bag of bawa for N7,000, it is now N20,000. I bought a basket of tomatoes for N3,500, N4,000 in April, it is now more than three times that amount. I heard there is tomatoe Ebola in the North. More so, agriculture made waves during the last administration, we have finished consuming all they planted during the last administration, this present government is not paying attention to agriculture yet.

Our pot of soup can feed six to seven heavy eaters at a sitting. It comes in five litres. It goes for N8,000. It has assorted in it, cow leg, shakki, periwinkle, dry fish etc.



Making a pot of oha soup will cost N7,000. It is made of cocoa yam, about a N1,000. Oha leaves worth N1,000. Uziza leaves N300. Ogiri, local maggi N200, crayfish N400, stockfish N1,000, dry fish N500 and meat N2,000. Other condiment can take like N500.



Making a pot of ofe onugbu (bitter leave soup) will cost N6,000. That is what I think an average can manage that. Some will spend more than that if they are financially capable to do it.

Cocoa yam worth N1000, N2,000 meat, N300 bitter leaves, ogiri (local maggi about N300. Dry fish N600. It depends on the type you buy. Cat fish is more expensive. Other condiments can be bought with N800.



Making white soup can take up to N5,000 or more depending on the ingredients. Some will prefer to add more assorted meat to make the soup richer.

Dry fish is N1,000, one tuber of yam should be enough, N500, stockfish N1,000. Azuza leaves N100, crayfish N200, chicken N2,000, periwinkle N300, pomo N500. Other ingredients may cost N300.



Atanma soup will cost N5,000 or more depending on the financial strength of the family. My husband used to give me more than that if he had much at hand.

Atanma leaf N1,000 depending on how they want it. Beef worth N2,000 or more, periwinkle N300, crayfish N200, stockfish N1000 and pomo N500. Other ingredients like pepper, palm oil, maggi should not be more than N300.



Making vegetable soup that can last three days will cost almost N7,000. Before, I used to collect N3,500 but things are very expensive now. Even that N7,000 can’t be enough but men will not understand that things are expensive now.

Vegetable, you may use two types, depending on your choice. N2,000 worth of vegetables will be enough. Red meat or chicken will cost N2,000. Pomo N500, dry fish N500 but if you are using cat fish, it will be more expensive than that. Fresh prawn N1,000. Other ingredients like maggi, pepper, tomatoes, locust beans, salt should not be more than N700.

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Making a pot of okro soup will cost N5,000. That should be the minimum. It could be more depending on how much my husband gives me or how costly rich you want your soup to be.

Okro N500. Some people add ugu to make it more nutritious, N300 worth of ugu. Chicken N2,000. Pomo N500, dry fish N500, crayfish N500. Salt, pepper, onions, magi and palm oil. Some people prefer it white, they may not use palm oil, other ingredients will not cost more than N300.



It all depends on how buoyant I am and how buoyant my husband is. Sometimes he gives me N5,000. At times, he gives me N10,000 or even N20,000 But for the stew that will last for two days for a family of five, N5,000 would be okay.

I will make a pot of stew that has chicken and beef. I will buy chicken worth N2,000. If it is the local chicken, I will pay N4,500. That means my budget will change.  Beef N2,000, groundnut or vegetable oil. maggi, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper, tomatoes N1,000.



N7,000 should be enough for a two-day soup for a family of five, Because of the high cost of things. I don’t collect up to that for stew alone.

I would make stew. Tomatoes will cost N2,000, beef N2,000, and fish N2,000. The change will go for seasoning, pepper, onions.



Making a pot of egusi soap that will last three days will cost nothing less than N6,000. It could be more for the rich. But an average family will spend nothing less than that.

N1000 worth of egusi, stockfish N1,000., chicken N2,000, dry fish N500, ugu N500 and crayfish N500. Other ingredients may cost N500.



Making a pot of stew is now very expensive. Tomatoes have made it very expensive. At least N7,000 will be enough. Some household will even spend more than that.

Tomatoes alone will take N2,000, beef N2,000, chicken N2,000. I normally buy broiler but it is now too expensive. Pepper, onions, maggi and any other necessary items will not be more than N1,000.



It all depends on how much my husband gives me. Since food stuff became very expensive, I collect nothing less than N10,000 for stew. My husband alone takes four pieces of meat per meal. He had to reduce it to three when prices of food stuff became expensive.

N3,000 worth of tomatoes will be enough. N3,000 for meat. N3,000 for fish and the remaining for pepper, onions and other items.



It depends on how much my husband gives me. Sometimes N5,000 for a pot of soup but if I am to make both soup and stew, I spend N10,000 at least that would last us five days but if I make N2,000 soup, it will last us for two days.



N10,000 for both soup and stew. I will buy chicken worth N3,000 and red meat worth N1,200 then buy tin tomatoes and other ingredients for the stew. For the soup, it depends on the kind of soup I am making. Sometimes I spend more than N6,000 to make a family size pot of soup.



To cook Ofee Owerri that would last for days, it will cost N7,000 because I would buy stock fish, dry fish, I would buy yellow pepper, red meat, ugu leaf and some other things for the soup.



For me, N5,000 is enough to make stew that will last two days. I will buy fish, red meat or chicken, tin tomatoes, fresh pepper and spices to make the stew delicious.



For me, to make a pot of Oha soup that will last two days for me and my husband and three children, I will spend like N4,000. First, I will buy Oha leaves like N300, I will buy stock fish N1,000, I will buy ogiri N50, I will buy red meat N2,500, I will buy yellow pepper N100, I will buy pomo N300, then I will buy red oil and other necessary ingredients for the soup.



If I want to make egusi soup for a family of four, I will buy egusi (two cups) which is N300, I will buy pomo N300, I will buy fish N500, I will buy red meat N1,000, I will buy pepper N100, I will also buy ugu leafes N100.



It depends on how much you have. I can make soup of N800. I can make soup of N1,000, I can make soup worth N3,000 or N5,000. I can make soup of N10,000 depending on how much I have and the target to meet. If you want to make soup of N800, buy okro, crayfish, smoked fish that’s all and make sure you have garri or semo to complement the soup and someone will eat to his or her satisfaction.



I think N5,000 is enough to make a pot of soup that would last four days. All you need to do is buy different types of vegetables, crayfish, meat, pomo, red oil and other things that would go with the soup.



The amount I spend for a pot of soup varies because it depends on what my husband wants to eat. That determine what I would cook but most times, I make Igbo soup and that alone is a lot of money.

I spend like N4,000 for my smallest pot size of soup and if I am making a large quantity, I spend N7,000.



I spend about N2,500 for soup because I can’t cook more than what I cannot afford and I am happy with the kind of children I have. They eat anything I cook for them.


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