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Couple cut pregnant daughter’s throat over her choice of man

Muqaddas Bibi, a 22-year-old mother who was pregnant with her second child was murdered by her father, mother and brother because she married a man they did not approve of.

Bibi had married her love interest, Taufiq Ahmed three years ago, defying her family by ignoring their “arranged marriage”.

The seven months pregnant Bibi stopped all communications with her family after her marriage but her mother and brother allegedly approached her at a clinic where she was having a check-up on Thursday, June 16 and convinced her to come home, saying they accepted her decision.

According to local police station chief Gohar Abbas, when Bibi reached her parents’ house, her father, brother and mother cut her throat with a knife and she died on the spot.

Bibi’s killing is the latest horrific honour killing in conservative Muslim Pakistan.

Abbas said her family fled from their house after the murder in the village of Buttaranwali, around 75 kilometres (46 miles) north of Punjab provincial capital Lahore.

Police are hunting for them and have already detained another relative for inciting the killing, he added. Bibi also had a 10-month old daughter

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