Couples on whether they check their spouse’s phones (2)

Trust is key for any relationship to work, more so in marriage.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some couples on whether they trust their spouse enough to allow them access to their phones.


‘I’ve not had any reason to doubt my husband’ – Ann Maduforo

No, I don’t. I’ve not had any reason to doubt my husband and he doesn’t even have the time for things like that. We’ve been married for seven years now, though, we’ve faced challenges like any other couple, trust issues have not been part of them. I believe when you trust your partner and your partner trusts you, there’s no point doing that.

He has access to my phone and I have access to his phone. There are times when he forgot his phone at home, and I’d answer his calls that day, explaining what happened to the callers. It’s not really a big deal.


‘He doesn’t have any reason to doubt me’ – Mrs. Adekeye

What’s the point doing that? So, you mean if I want to cheat I’ll leave any trace on my phone? There are many ways to go about such things. I don’t bother myself with that. My husband has no problem with who I speak with on phone. He doesn’t have any reason to doubt me.


‘I can never allow my wife to check my phone for any reason’ – Ikechuckwu Wilson

I can never allow my wife to check my phone for any reason. I am a businessman and I have a lot of clients I deal with. Women among them, I am sure, won’t be comfortable hearing my wife’s voice if they call and she picks.

Besides, not every information about my business my wife can have privilege to know. There must be some degree of confidentiality  in how you deal with yourselves as husband and wife so that there will be respect for each other.


‘I don’t hide my phone from my wife’ – Habeeb Olawale

There’s nothing to hide from my wife. So, I don’t hide my phone from her. Even, she picks my calls, I also pick hers. It’s only when you don’t trust each other that you bar your spouse from accessing your phone. So, there is nothing bad in giving your wife or husband access to your phone unless you have a skeleton in your cupboard.


‘I allow my wife to have access to my phone’ – Gbenga Oyewole

Yes, I allow my wife to have access to my phone. Sometimes I tell her to reply emails for me or even pick my calls. We are husband and wife and I feel we should hide nothing from ourselves. She allows me to do the same with her phone to the extent that we know each other’s passwords.


Marriage is a different world from boyfriend and girlfriend’ – Evangelist Chidima

He Bible says what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Marriage is a different world from boyfriend and girlfriend. Having access to each other’s privacy builds strong bonding and trust. So, yes, my husband has access to my phones and social networks and so I do.


‘If I check my spouse’s phone that means I am looking…’ – Biam Ogbonna

If I check my spouse’s phone that means I am looking at her picture because I know ladies like taking pictures. I won’t go into message box because I won’t want to start unnecessary quarrels. I understand that even after marriage, some dudes will still show interest in her.


‘I don’t check my spouses phone’ – Ayodeji Agboola

No I don’t check my spouses phone, what for? What am I looking for?


‘I trust my husband’ – Sarah Lawal

No, not really. I don’t intentionally pick his phone to go through his messages. I may need a contact or want to play game on it or maybe I want to check his account details. I trust my husband. We have mutual respect for each other. I believe he wouldn’t cheat on me.


‘I don’t want anything to give me high blood pressure’ – Roseline Okachi

I don’t check my husband’s phone and I don’t advise any woman to do so as well. It is better to make yourself happy. I don’t want anything to give myself high blood pressure. It is better not to bother myself about such things. I am in pursuit of happiness and I don’t want anybody to kill me before my time.


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