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Couples who marry on special dates risk divorce 

A new study has shown that couples who get married on special dates are 18 to 36 percent likely to end in divorce than those who united on ordinary dates. Couples choosing these special date numbers have common traits, which imply it’s not the date itself that increases divorce rates, but rather what the choice of dates reveal about the couple.
A team from the University of Melbourne, Australia, observed that wedding dates like February 14th (Valentine’s day), 9/9/99 or 1/2/03, are very popular than on comparable ordinary days. Data from Belfast Love showed that from 1995 to 2013, Valentine’s day was the ninth most popular day for a wedding and 27,000 couples have said ‘I do’ on this day in the past 19 years.
Authors of the study, Dr. Jan Kabatek and Professor David Ribar, discovered that couples who walk down the aisle on ordinary dates are more influenced by characteristics of their relationships and compatibility than couples who marry on special dates. It is the differences in the characteristics of couples who marry on special dates that explains some of these higher risks of divorce.
According to Professor Ribar, “People who got married on special dates were more likely to have been married before and more likely to have children already. ‘We also found that spouses who married on special dates were less alike, in terms of education and ages, than spouses who married on ordinary dates.”
The date itself doesn’t increase a couple’s weakness, rather it is what the choice of date reveals about the couple, researchers say.
Concluding that by their fifth anniversary, 11 percent of Valentine’s day marriages, 10 percent of same-number-date marriages and eight percent of ordinary-date marriages were estimated to fail.

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