Covenant University’s overall best student Oputa Aima Jamachi reveals her success secret

Oputa Aima Jamachi is Covenant University’s overall best graduating student with GP of 499. The 20 year old Computer and Information Science graduate in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, said God has been in charge…

How does it feel being Covenant’s overall best graduating student?

I feel very excited and I’m very happy to be the best graduating student.

What would you say is the secret of your success?

My success was God first. And hard work. I love God so much and I put a lot of diligence in it.

How long did you study?

My course is for four years. And I finished at exactly four years.

How do your parents feel about this success?

They are very proud of me and excited.

Was there any time you felt you couldn’t make it?

No, not at all.

What kept you going?

Friends, families, God, everything just kept me going. The people I around me were motivating and encouraging.

How were you able to cope with Covenant rules and regulations?

I was born and breed in Winners Chapel, I went to Faith Academy. It wasn’t difficult at all because I have lived like this almost all my life.

What’s next after Covenant?

I love children so much and also fashion. I don’t want to see any single child suffer, so I will love to do stuffs to make children very comfortable, I will build a motherless babies home. I will have my NGO and free school for children and also push my shoe line and boutique all around the world.

What is your name, age and department?

My name is Oputa Aima Jamachi, I’m 20 of Department of Computer and Information Science, Covenant University.

Tell us about your background?

I grew in a very peaceful and God-fearing background, all my life I have lived very comfortably. There has never been any issue for me. I’m from Imo state, Oguta Local Government.




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