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Craze for aso ebi still on the rise

‘Aso ebi’ is a popular phenomenon across different cultures. Hardly will a weekend pass without people wearing colourful ‘aso ebi’ and attending events. We sought the opinion of people this week to know if they still buy the mandatory uniform for society shindigs…



Will you say there is an increase in the rate at which people buy aso ebi?

Yes, people are still buying aso ebi. I have more than two to buy in the next few months. It is not true that people are no more selling aso ebi, a lot of people around me still sell whenever they have an event to do.

When last did you buy one?

Last week and I still have two more to buy this month.

Maximum amount you can spend on aso ebi?




Aso ebi is still in vogue, we are still buying. But among the high and mighty, they only circulate caps and gele. Then inform invited guests of the color of the day. But for an average family, they would prefer to sell aso ebi.

That would be April. But before then, I had bought more than two.

N5,000 for Ankara.



Yes, aso ebi is still in vogue. People are still buying. Selling of caps and gele is also in vogue as well. I attended two weddings of recent and they only sold caps and gele. It is only the very rich and very close friends of the parents of the celebrants that wore aso ebi. So, aso ebi is in vogue and selling of caps and gele is  in vogue too.

I bought one of recent, maybe last week or so.



Muibat Bello

Yes, aso ebi is still in vogue. A couple of friends sold some about two months back.

Aso ebi is still in vogue. People are still buying, especially the Yoruba’s. I don’t think they can stage an event without taking aso ebi

Last month





Yes, I still buy aso ebi. Aso ebi is still trending but some prefer choosing colours than aso ebi.

I think it depends on the calibre of the event, most events that I have attended of recent had aso ebi on display.





Aso ebi is still in vogue, but the tempo has gone down a bit. I know of two celebrities that had their events last month and they picked aso ebi. The purpose of taking aso ebi is to raise money, I think it is as a result of economic depression.

That should be April.

N2,500 for Ankara. Whosoever sells above that is a thief.



Aso ebi is still reigning. Two of my friends sold some two months ago. I don’t know if people choose colours or not, I usually buy aso ebi with gele.

Yes, last month.




Yes, aso ebi is trending. I see people wearing it every Saturday when I go out. I am not the social person but I see people wear different types every weekend.

Maybe early this year.







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