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Crescent University honours Rasaq Okoya at 7th convocation – ‘Nigerians need technical education to push economy’

Crescent University, Abeokuta, the ancient capital city of Ogun state, honoured Alhaji Chief (Dr.) Rasaq Okoya and other eminent Nigerians on Saturday, October 10, 2015 at the 7th convocation of the institution.

The institution awarded 435 students first degree in their respective disciplines.

Nigerians who have contributed immensely to the development of the university were awarded honourary doctorate degrees. They include Otunde Fatayi Olukoga, Alhaji Dauda Naibi and others.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was at the well-attended and very colourful event. We equally talked with the awardees and graduands.

How do you feel today sir?

1-DSC_0411I feel very happy, extremely happy to be honoured by this university.

Now that you have added another feather to your crowded hat, what can you say?

I feel good, excited that my hard work is noted. Though this is not my first time of receiving an award.

What would you like to do now with your additional honourary degree?

We are industrialists and will like to create more employment to add to the economy of the nation even though we are still growing.

What message do you have for the youths that want to be like you?

They must work very hard, honest and faithful to God. A home is not built in a day. Life is step by step. Youths must not rush. We have been in business for over 50 years and it has been a systematic progression.

We had no reasonable capital when we started. It was a gradual process. You do not get rich suddenly, one thing must lead to another and when the time comes, God will reward the work of your hand.

In the cause of your business growing, what challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

At a time we had about 32 acres of land along Lekki Expressway, Lagos. The construction and manufacturing are still going on there. It will take about three years before it will be ready. Daily, Chinese and Indians come just to milk you out of the business. You know no one can be all clever in everything. These were challenges.

Nigerians should be self sufficient. We have the skills, manpower and resources, we should not be dependent on government to do it all. Most of our customers are from the local market and the masses. I am happy because many of our products are of international standards from processing to the packaging before they get to the final consumer. We have the techniques.

University education is good, but Nigerians still need to be equipped in the technical aspect of our education sector. We should be self reliant. The population of China is more than that of Nigeria yet they have less unemployment than Nigeria because many of them have been equipped with technical education.  So, they can create employment themselves.


‘I will make Crescent University a model’ – FATAI OLUKOGA

How do you feel being honoured, sir?

1-DSC_0175I feel elated, very happy. It’s another honour to me. I did not expect it, but they found me worthy of it. They have given me a doctorate degree in Political Science and International Public Relation. That will propel me to do more in academics.

Now that you have added another feather to your cap, what would you do with the new status?

I will continue my goodwill. I will not relent in my effort to do more for the school. I bought the laboratory x-ray machines for the clinic as the Chairman of Parents’ Forum. I was instrumental in the provision of 21 computers and building of student’s restaurant. On my own part, I will ensure the buildings are adequately maintained.

As a member of the governing council, I will ensure this university is academics per excellence. So that means, I am going to add value to the attainment of enviable academic standards of students. I hope to make Crescent University a model in the world.


‘I feel happy and elated’- OYINKANSOLA LARA FAGBOHUN Best Graduating Student with 4.89 (Economics)

1-DSC_0393You are the best graduating student, how do you feel?

I feel very happy and elated.

What are the things you did extraordinarily that stood you out?

I combined late night reading and avoided  distraction and made sure I never missed any lecture or any test. I also made sure I gave my all during examinations.

How was your upbringing?

I am the first child of three children and my upbringing was very modest. I was raised by my mother and she taught us that education is the best legacy.

You talked about your mother, what of your father?

My dad is currently not with us. He trained us from a far distance, so my mother was the one we ran to whenever we needed to sought out things.

 What did you get from your mom that propelled you to this level?

It’s been hard work and prayerfulness.

After this degree what next should we be expecting from you?

I will be going for my Masters because I want to work in the World Bank so be expecting that. One of these days you shall hear my name among those that work at the World Bank.

Let us meet you?

My name is Oyinkansola Fagbohun. I studied Economics at the Department of Economics, Crescent University.

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