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TRACY and Treasure Daniels were both actresses who failed to hit fame in Nollywood.  They migrated to the music scene and became known as the Gholden Girlz with their first single, Stronger, getting millions of views on Youtube.  Tracy Daniels has added another hit to her sleeve as she wed rich Indian expatriate on Saturday, April 7, 2012 in Ohaukwu in Ebonyi State and plans to wed him again in the church in June 2012.

Getting married is wonderful news and just as I was about to say thank God she didn’t snatch someone’s husband, I was stopped in my tracks by olofofos.  “The man is already married in India and that’s why they are hiding all details concerning the wedding so that it doesn’t get out and the man’s family reacts.  Both of them met a year ago and had been planning the wedding since this year.  He is a vice president of the company he works for and has been the major sponsor of the twins’ musical career.  Even the details of the white wedding in June will not be released until two days to the wedding.  And she is inviting only 50 guests whose IV will be sent in their phones with a pass code which they must show at the entrance before they will let them into the wedding venue.  They are really hiding every detail, the man even has two children back home in India.  He is very rich, good looking and has been spoiling the actress turned musician with money.  She really has hit the jackpot with this man.”

All I can say is that its different strokes for different folks and one man’s meat, poisons another man.

This page is open if anyone needs to put up a defence as to why Tracy Daniels married another woman’s husband.

All the said, I wish them all the good things that marriage brings!

– This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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