Curvy actress, Anita Joseph explains why she declined her lover’s marriage proposal


 WELL-endowed actress, Anita Joseph, popularly known as Nita J was in the news a couple of days back.  It was alleged that she rejected a marriage proposal from her European lover.

ENCOMIUM Weekly took her up on this and much more…

anitaWhy did you reject your lover’s marriage proposal?

I rejected it because I cannot be a full housewife.  He wants me to quit acting and become a full housewife. But I am not that type that sits at home all day.  I love working. I love being busy.  He said when we get married, I will quit acting.

How long have you known him?

I have known him for two years and we have dated for a year.

Tell us about him.

I don’t want to disclose his identity, all I can say is that his name is Mr. M.  He is a good guy but he can stab you when he gets jealous.  He is so possessive.

Does he know you are an actress?  How supportive is he of your career?

He knows who I am.  Why wouldn’t he know?  He saw me on television before we eventually met.  He has been following all my movies.  He is not in support of my career.  He wants me to quit after marriage.  He doesn’t want me out because he doesn’t like my involvement in love scenes.  He doesn’t want people to be looking at me and me exposing myself because of romantic scenes.

Do you have it in mind to get married one day?

Of course, I have marriage in mind.  But I am not in a hurry to walk down the aisle.

image (3)How old is Nita J?

Why do you want to know my age?  I cannot disclose that at all.

Define your ideal man?

My ideal man must be God fearing.  When he has the fear of God, every other thing falls in. He must be a good dresser, dark or chocolate skinned. I don’t like light guys.  He must have a sense of humour, a man of good height. I don’t want a perfect man.

Some fans are of the opinion that it has been long you featured in a movie.

What fans?  That is not true.  My own fans buy my movies.  Others should stop waiting for Africa Magic.  They should buy movies.  My movies are in the market.

Tell us some of the movies you have featured in lately.

Throne of Glory, Agony of a Prince, Ukpaka, the trouble maker, Azonto Classic, Sorrow of Madness, Hips don’t lie, Black Pant Party, Prince and Princess, Royalty to Royalty.

Why is Nita J controversial?

They made me controversial, you need to ask the people responsible for that.

Anita-JosephYou also like flaunting your figure all over the place, why?

I don’t know why, but there is a saying that when you have it, flaunt it.

You have been linked to a lot of men in the past, why have you not settled down with one of them?

I have no comment for that question.

You lost your jeep sometime back, were you able to recover it?

No, I was unable to recover it. But I have replaced it, thank God for that.

You tried your hands on music but it seems you didn’t go far with it, why?

I am still doing music, it is just that movies took over.  I am yet to release an album but I will definitely do that.



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