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Curvy Biodun Okeowo acquires Acura MDX SUV

POPULAR Yoruba genre actress, Abiodun Okeowo, famously known as Tolani Oshirin, is living like a princess.  The proud mother of two children (a male and a female) just bought herself a brand new Acura MDX SUV.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the beautiful role interpreter said the acquisition of her new car calls for no celebration because she does not believe in celebrating material things and more…


Abiodun Okeowo

Abiodun Okeowo

Compliment of the season.

I sincerely wish you same in the spirit of the yuletide.

How was the outgoing year, 2015 treated you career wise and otherwise?

My 2015 has been great.  Glory be to God Almighty.  I have been able to achieve my goal this year.  We all know human wants are insatiable.  I still strive for more because there is room for improvement and breaking more grounds.

Can you place a finger on the number of movies you featured this year?

I can’t place a finger on the number of movies I did this year but I know I slowed down on movie jobs this year to monitor my business interest since it’s a new one.

How much did you part with to get your Acura MDX SUV?

I am happy about my new ride.  It’s the Lord’s doing.  In all sincerity, it’s nothing to make a noise about as the social media is blowing up the acquisition.  A car is a necessity not a luxury toy one can bluff about.

2013-Acura-MDX-SUV-3.7L-4dr-All-wheel-Drive-PhotoMoreover, you don’t expect me to disclose the cost of the car.  Am I to disclose the price to oppress or impress people or get a refund?  For those who attached a price to my jeep, I don’t know their source.  Could be they got the price from Google.  I am not bothered one bit.  They’re entitled to their opinion.  I might have gotten mine for a cheaper price.

Are you celebrating Christmas and New Year with your newly acquired jeep?

I am not celebrating the season or any occasion with my new ride.  It was just a coincidence that the jeep arrived on my son’s birthday, shikena!  I love any good car that can conveniently accommodate my family and I.  The car must be in vogue for a long time because money is not easy to come by.


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