Customers now patronize cheap alcoholic products, Beer parlour owners lament

The tough economy is affecting all sectors and beer parlour owners admit that they are experiencing low patronage unlike what they use to experience. Profit margin has nose-dived as customers who turn up now prefer cheaper alcoholic products and beers.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some beer parlour owners where they painted a picture of confusion.


MRS. GRACE OYEWALE (Ebony Beer Parlour, Obawole)

The sales is really affected as people no longer spend much on beer compared to what we used to experience before. As at 2015, at the end of each day, we record the sales of 10 crates of beer or more but not anymore. We hardly get five crates to sell per day. I know these times are hard but I believe they will pass and things will come back to normal.


AUSTIN BADMUS (Babylon Restaurant and Bar)

We all know the situation of the country, virtually everything we have in the market today is expensive. People are spending double of what they used to spend and it is really affecting our sales. The sales of beer have really dropped. If you come here on match days, you will think we are making sales but we are not. People will come to watch football matches and buy just a bottle of beer till the end of the match. We can’t send them away, we just have to be thankful that some are still patronizing us.


MADAM KENNY (D3 bar, Iju)

Patronage has dropped but not so badly. People still drink but not as much as they used to. Many of our customers now prefer to patronize paraga joints because they are relatively cheap and affordable compared to beer. I believe things will get better soon.


AUSTIN KENNETH (Page Bar, Ikorodu)

One thing I have noticed is people now come here to while away time and not to drink. They come here to enjoy some of our facilities for long hours with a bottle of beer. Sometimes it’s annoying but we have no option. It better than not making sales at all.


MATTHEW (Alice Place, Iju)

The sales is not doing bad, it’s gradually coming up. Early this year, things were totally down but with time, the sales of our beer and fish pepper soup are improving. We just hope things get better before the end of the year.


REMI ADEDOYIN (Lady B Bar, Ogba)

The situation is everywhere. Beer consumption to some extent has reduced compared to what we had before. At the end of every month, we made a lot of sales before but now things are hard. People now come in to drink one or two bottles of beer or stout and they leave. The situation is not funny but has no alternative.


KENNETH (Paulo Bar, Ikorodu)

I can’t really say much about the sales because it fluctuates. Today we make sales and tomorrow is another story. The nature of the business is unknown as the sales is unpredictable. We are just hoping things will get better and stable.


ESTHER ENE (Comfort Bar, Agege)

Everyone knows what’s going on in the country today. Even food sellers are lamenting low patronage. Since people can no longer afford to buy food to eat, so what are we talking about. Beer consumption is affected badly as people now prefer to purchase gin and other herbal contents. I just hope things get back to normal soon.


ADEWALE (Litus Bar)

The economic downturn is really affecting the sales. People still come to drink but they prefer the cheaper ones. Instead of buying a bottle of beer for N300, they prefer the N150 own just because of the affordability. Those that take 5 bottles or more no longer drink up to that, they prefer to drink 5 bottles of the less affordable ones.


AMOSUN (Donnys Bar)

Customers no longer order for expensive beers, wine or champagne. Instead, they prefer the cheaper ones all because of the situation of the country. But people are still drinking beer, majority now prefer cheaper ones like Satzenbraw.

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