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Customers speak on what they prefer at canteens

As the economy bites herder, people have resorted to eating at the canteens than cooking at home due to how expensive it is.

ENCOMIUM Weekly asked people if they eat at, and what they prefer eating in canteen…



Yes, I do, most times before I leave for work, I don’t have much time to start preparing food in the morning that is why I eat or buy food from the canteen. And most times I buy rice but since the quantity of rice I buy cannot satisfy me, I prefer to eat yam porridge or bread and beans or swallow and I will spend lesser than what I will spend when I buy rice.



Yes na, why not. It is better to eat in the canteen than to cook because if I want to cook I will have to buy kerosene, a bottle is N200 and other ingredients that come with what I want to cook. And if I go to the canteen, I will spend like N200 or N250 on food and I am satisfied.

Bread and beans or fufu and soup and they fill my stomach better. Like if I eat bread and beans by 9am in the morning for the next 9 hours, I will not have to think of food till in the evening. Let me give you an analysis of how I do it: if I buy bread N100, beans N70 and plantain N50, that is if I want to make it look sweet. With this, I am good to go for the day.



Yes, I do because I live alone and I don’t have anybody to cook for me. Also even though I cook, there is no fridge or freezer to keep it and I don’t like food that you have to keep warming every time so it is better and convenient for me to eat outside.

I prefer to eat swallow because of the kind of job I do. If I eat two wraps of garri with any kind of soup, I will be very satisfied and have enough strength to work that is why I always go for garri.



Yes, because I don’t really have enough time to cook but since the recession started, I have not been eating canteetn foods like that. So I try as much as possible to cook from home.

I prefer rice and beans or yam and beans because I do not like taking solid food outside. I prefer to make them myself, it tastes better when I cook them myself than buying them outside. Also I believe that it will not fill me better if I buy solid food outside.



No, I don’t eat at canteens because we have this believe in my house that outside foods are not good but I escort my friends to eat. What I do is that I just take drinks with fried meat or snacks so when they are eating I won’t be looking at them.



Not really anymore because their food are too expensive and very small so I prefer to cook for myself because it will last me for a while before I make new food. I prefer to eat beans and yam because it is my favourite food and it is less expensive and very filling. I don’t have to bother about afternoon food or any type of junks to eat.



Yes, I still patronize the canteen very well because it is very good because junks and snacks cannot satisfy me. So I need to eat food to be able to perform my daily activities.

I prefer to eat eba or fufu then sometimes I eat rice but most times it is eba or fufu so it will be able to sustain me till I get home at night.



Yes, I do eat canteen food because it is less expensive and very affordable. My favourite food at the canteen is ewa agonyi and bread but sometimes I eat rice too. But I had to stop eating rice because it became too expensive and food sellers will sell very small quantity. That is why I prefer ewa agonyi and bread or any solid food except swallow because I am not a fan of swallow.



Yes, I do because that is the only option I have to sustain myself till I get home. I prefer rice but when I realized that I will spend N300 to buy food and still not be satisfied then I went for a cheaper brand like beans and yam or beans and bread or porridge yam so it will satisfy me very well.



Yes, I still do because there is nothing I can eat that will satisfy me except food that is why I have to eat. I prefer to buy rice but since rice is now very expensive, I do eat semo or amala. There is a joint around where they sell amala and with N150 or N200, I am satisfied and that will keep me till I get home.



Yes, I do because it is cheaper and affordable than cooking food especially when you have to start buying ingredients to cook the food.

I prefer to eat beans or eba but sometimes I eat rice too. I don’t really like to buy rice because I will get hungry quickly.



Yes, I do because that is the only way I can survive when I am at work. And when get home I prepare food for the family. I prefer to eat rice. With N300 or N350, I will buy rice that will satisfy me.


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