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Dabota Lawson’s divorce mess

-How her one-year marriage to billionaire Sunday Aku crashed

Dabota Lawson, 27, former beauty queen and business woman has reportedly filed for divorce from her billionaire husband, Prince Sunny Aku – 62. There are many stories as to why the young beautiful woman decided to end her fresh marriage to her husband, who is older than her by over 35 years.

Right from the outset, the age difference never seemed to be a problem for both of them and they were always gushing about their love for each other, in interviews and whenever they had the chance to flaunt their love for each other.

ENCOMIUM Weekly called the former beauty queen to find out whether the divorce rumours was true. We put a call through to her at 2.31pm on Monday, February 8, 2016 and the conversation went thus:


EW: Hello Madam, good afternoon. My name is Tinuola from ENCOMIUM Weekly and we would like to have a chat with you.

Dabota: Hi Tinuola, what would you like to talk to me about?

EW: We heard rumours that you filed for divorce and we would like to know if this is true.

She disconnected the call. We tried to call her right back and the line didn’t connect.


It would be recalled that ENCOMIUM Weekly had an exclusive interview with Dabota Lawson a few weeks back and she didn’t talk about any other thing save for her cosmetic line.

Dabota Lawson was born into a family of 10. She grew up in Nigeria but had her college and university education in the UK with B.A in Financial Economics from the University of Leicester, in the UK and a CIMA Accounting and Business from the London School of Business and Finance.

She started modeling at five and won the Miss Nigeria United Kingdom beauty pageant in 2010. She has lots of experience in high fashion, runway/catwalk, illustrative, modeling competitions and pageants. She was the pioneer cover girl for Society Celebrations Magazine for few years.

In 2010, Dabota, along with three of her friends, launched their PR, marketing and events management company, Diamond Inc.



Prince Sunny Aku is the CEO of Novena Majesty Furniture. He hails from Abia State and his marriage to Dabota is said to be his 5th. He is a billionaire businessman.



Details of how they wedded are rather sketchy, as both of them are extremely private and only choose to expose what they want people to know.

Dabota Lawson and Sunny Aku celebrated their wedding on Saturday, December 13, 2014, at the Sky Terrance Hall, Oriental Hotel, Lagos.



The rumours started in August 2015. It was alleged that she cheated on her husband just eight months into marriage. It was also said that her husband accused her of infidelity after people spotted her at a Lagos hotel with her Range Rover number plate smartly covered. It was also said that her husband asked her to leave the house, but the couple were quick to debunk the rumour by making an instagram video of both of them laughing.

When the break up news started to filter in again, it was alleged that Dabota Lawson had moved out of her matrimonial home and filed for divorce, citing incompatibility amongst other irreconcilable differences.

The divorce papers filed by Dabota claimed that Sunny Aku was still married as at when he married her and on those grounds she could not continue with the sham of a marriage. These reports have it that Prince Sunny Aku had been heartbroken and wanted her back. In fact, some said he has been crying.

Though the news of her divorce is all over the place, some even rumoured that she was once again caught cheating and had to file for divorce first to save face.



She got a Range Rover sport from Prince Sunny Aku while they were engaged. She also went on several trips abroad which were said to have been bankrolled by her billionaire husband. She flew on private jets and cruises on exclusive yacht, courtesy her husband.

Dabota Cosmetics, her cosmetics line is said to be worth millions of naira. There are several beauty products and makeup ranges in her cosmetic line. She also has a store in Lekki, Lagos, where her products are sold.



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