Dada Eriye’s wife, Bukky speaks on husband’s death

We condole with you on the death of your husband.  What will you miss most about him?

He was a great treasure in my hands because if I were to be younger when this incident occurred, I don’t think I would find another man like him.  He happened to be a selfless person.  He cared about others.  He never thought any amount is too much Bukkyto spend for non-family members not to talk of his own relatives.  I will miss a lot about him.  I will miss his laughter, his encouragement, the way he took good care of the children whenever I am not around and he was less busy.  He picked the children from school, took care of them.  Then he would call me on the phone saying, ‘Hello sweetheart, I have done this or that.’  I am going to miss the word, sweetheart.  I can’t really say how much I will miss him, but I know I will miss everything about him.  My children are still young.  I will remember him, especially when I am in distress because I know he would be able to handle the situation better.  Only the future will tell how much I would miss him.

Can you recall his last hours with you?

That was on Saturday morning, February 14.  I don’t go out early on Saturdays, I leave home around 12 or 1 o’clock.  The Friday before that Saturday, we were to meet with his younger brother who is a pastor, but we couldn’t.  So, on Saturday, I was at this particular place (in their living room).  He opened the door from the bedroom and beckoned on me.  He said sweetheart come, I went to him and we talked heart to heart.  He asked me a question and said I should answer to God, but I said you are my husband and I need to answer all your questions.  So, I answered him and I said as my husband he should be able to tell me if my spiritual life is the right thing or not.  Towards evening, I baked a cake and was decorating it but he said we should eat it like that.  But I said no, that I bake for people and decorate it, so I will decorate this one.  So, I decorated it and we all ate it.

What would you say were his unfulfilled dreams?

(Sighs heavily) The business he started, Bravo magazine will be five years next month.  He still wanted to do a lot about it.  Another unfulfilled dream is the school he wanted to establish.  He was a teacher for many years before he became a journalist.  He was with City People magazine and later had his own magazine, but he still wanted to own a school.

How would you cope without him?

The Bible says, in all things, we should give thanks.  The Lord said He is the husband to the widow.  He gives bread to the eater and seed to the sower.  I put my trust in God.  He is the only one who can see me through.  I would not doubt God’s word.

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