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Dammy Krane faces long years in  American  prison

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Singer Dammy Krane – arrested and detained in Miami (Florida, the United States of America) on Friday, June 2, 2017, for allegedly using stolen credit cards to book a private jet – faces long years of imprisonment if prosecuted and convicted.


The 23 year old entertainer, whose real names are Oyindamola Emmanuel Johnson-Hunga, was arrested for fraud, theft and grand fraud as contained in records.

He was detained at Turner Guildford Knight Correctional Centre in Miami  (a medium/maximum security prison).


And listed among his alleged crimes are:


*grand theft, third degree/armed/conspiracy


*credit card/forgery/intent to defraud


*identify info/fraudulent use


Dammy Krane and another suspect (Ilochonwu Chukwuebuka) allegedly used stolen credit cards to book Tapjets (a hail-a-jet service company). And pictures of the singer with a few hit songs have flooded the social media as he posed with jets, showing off the good life.

Those pictures are reportedly linked to his alleged crimes.

And if his case goes to trial, in the 9 count charge which parades misdemeanors and felonies, he could be jailed for between one and 40 years!


Under Florida law, here are the punishment for some of the listed offences:


* Criminal use of anyone’s identity is a third degree felony (an offence of graver character that attracts more than a year in prison).

It attracts a  $15,000 fine, and between one to 40 years in jail and restitution (compensation of the victims).


* Conspiracy, which is a misdemeanor  (a less serious offence), attracts one year jail term.


* Credit card fraud attracts a fine of $1,000 to $5,000, and imprisonment of one to five years.


* Forgery is a third degree felony with $5,000 and five year jail term as punishment.


* For grand theft, the amount involved must be between  $300 – $19,999. And penalty is $5,000 and five years imprisonment.


* Armed theft is the most serious of the listed offences. And punishment is 15 to 30 years in jail, especially if a weapon is involved.


Tapjets, the company where the fraud was purportedly perpetrated claimed that the fraud was detected with a small token of authentification.

Head of safety and security for Tapjets, Kontstantin was quoted as saying:

“He (Dammy Krane) uses Samsung Galaxy 7, and messages did not come from that phone. However, that same phone was used to place the online order with credit card that does not belong to him.

“Same phone was used to register multiple accounts trying to buy with different cards until one finally worked. However, names did not match zip codes, etc.

“Total of five cards in an hour till one worked. We are 100 percent confident that our app was on that phone and order was placed via T-Mobile network from cell phone tower located in Miami area.

“We have coordinates of cell tower and proof that they ( Dammy Krane and Chukwuebuka) took a car from that area to Opalacka airport. That’s where the arrest took place.

“Technology is very sophisticated and being an airline, we have access to the latest. I hope you can help in spreading the message that we are not on a witch hunt.”

The singer had twitted on Friday (June 2) at

At 3:08 pm that Friday, he also tweeted @dammy_krane: In weird situations, you go start to see, who is with you and who isn’t. No fake love.

3:09 pm @dammy_krane : This one, that one, rumor…One time for my fans, new material coming, I go talk everything. God got us, help me say amin of!

And the tweet fueled speculations that the arrest and detention tale, maybe a publicity stunt.

While Chukwuebuka was said to have been released, Dammy Krane was still held at the prison as at press time on Monday, June 5.

A defence lawyer, Deborah Prager, was appointed to represent the ‘My Dear’, ‘Gbetiti’, ‘Killing me slow’ and ‘Faleela’ crooner.


The family of the singer released a press statement blaming his American promoters as perpetrators of the alleged fraud.

His sister, Elizabeth Adeola Oshodi posted on Facebook:





As an artiste, promoters book your hotel stays and often buy your destination tickets. It’s never once crossed our hearts as a performing entertainment family, to have to verify that the sources of bookings are legitimate. And please, keep in mind that we’ve been in the industry for almost 15 years. Then came the unfortunate past Friday, when Dammy Krane got arrested trying to board a flight from Maimi to Washington: Maryland. His ticket and hotel bookings were fraudulently purchased by the next show promoter (s). And because of Dammy Krane’s fame, all accusatory hell, broke loose.

We thank God for His goodness and the great spirit of truth. He will have his day in court to clear his name. He will give his personal press release shortly l, however, have decided to speak up against insinuations of fraudulency and grand theft. Dammy is a true gentle and honest citizen of our planet, and remains a good ambassador for not just the music industry, but Nigeria as a whole.

I also will like to seize this rare opportunity to warn all promoters, entertainers, the music industry ,the performing arts world & all travel prone individuals to , from now on ;

1.) Buy your tickets yourself.

2.) Ensure by prior verification that your ticket and hotel reservations match the purchaser’s info.

How? By declining emergency arrangements that do not give up to 24 to 48 hours to allow you call the airlines and hotels for verifications. Remember to always give the option for promoters or show organizers to buy all bookings and must accompany with the booking profiles : the names used for bookings, and phone numbers must match your designated or named offers, or they will need to send the cash in their verifiable names to your business account.

It hurts so bad that fellow Nigerians will do such a damaging act to another, knowing that the repercussions could be so devastating. We are aware of the implications at hand and pray for your faith in our purity, even as we beg for your patience to let the law take its’ course, before jumping into unfair conclusions. We remain humbly grateful for all the innumerable support and overwhelming show of love to his family.

We thank you.

Elizabeth Adeola Oshodi for Dammy Krane’s family.

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