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Dammy Krane speaks on new video, My Dear

DAMMY Krane is one of the unsung Nigerian music acts.  He spoke passionately on his relationship with multiple award winning international dancehall musician, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2Face or 2Baba.  In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the young man bared his mind on the bountiful gains of flying on 2Face’s wings, his new song, My Dear, the video and much more…


How will you describe your stay in the music industry?

It has been a blessing so far, and a gradual process.  But so far, so good, I thank God.

Has working with 2Face been an advantage?

2Baba, as we know, is Nigeria’s best musical export to the world. Being under such a legend evidently has affected me positively.  He is a father to me. So, yes he is of advantage to me.

Tell us about your new video, My Dear.

My new video is actually my first music video for my official debut single entitled, My Dear, and is my first product of Hypertek family.

What informed your shooting a video at this time?

I believe a song is not properly pushed until a video is dropped.  A video helps put a face to the name and music also increases your reach to the fans.  So, it was inevitable.

How much did it cost you to shoot the video?

I would not really know how much it cost but I know it is definitely of great quality.  Special shout outs to Spinlet and Clarence Peters for their great work.

How long did it take you to shoot the video?

My Dear video was shot in one day.  Glory be to God.

Will you agree with the assertion that music videos in Nigeria are similar, what makes your video unique?

I would give a shout out to Clarence again. My video is evidently on its own lane, different from the norm.  It’s the first of its kind in our time. The school bus party just came out perfect and will be easily related to by students.

What are the challenges in the course of the production?

Once again, I want to thank God, Hypertek, Spinlet and everyone that contributed to the success of my video.  Lots of people ensured it was a smooth one.

What has been the pains and gains?

I would not want to say there have been pains so far.  For me, patience has paid off so far and I am still not in a hurry because I am sure I will reach where I am headed. I would like to thank God for the likes of 2Baba, Eric, Rock Steady, Tee Billz, Michael Umoru, Iyad and the entire Hypertek/Spinlet/323 Entertainment team.  Also thank God for such an amazing team.

What has being a musician done for you?

Being a musician has allowed me express myself in the best way I can and in the only way I would have ever loved.  Being a musician has made me fulfilled and I thank God for making my dream a reality.

Apart from 2Face, which other artists have you worked with or intend working with?

I have been on tracks with the likes of 2Face, Rock Steady, Timaya, Sauce Kid and a couple of others. I would like to work with a lot of other artists locally and internationally as my aim is ‘just to make good music.’

Apart from your new video, what should we be expecting from you soon?

The video is obviously not the last, there is going to be follow-up singles, more videos, a couple of collaborations and in due time, an album.  The cycle continues.

What do you expect being a musician to do for you?

By the grace of God, being a musician will put me on a platform of relevance and significance.  It has placed me in a position where I can educate people and impact lives with my talent. I will also lay a foundation to venture into other fields over time.

How do you intend to survive in the highly competitive industry?

The industry is wide enough for everyone to be successful as long as you are talented and you know what you are doing.  Otherwise, there would not have been so many successful artists if it were not so. I do not look at it as ‘competitive’.  I am just going to stay focused, do my music, stick with my team and move with the plan.

Would you say the Nigerian music industry is a success and why?

Success in this case can be weighed by steady improvements and developments and in recent times, our industry has seen a whole lot of that, from the international collaborations to the international awards and many more.  So, I would say yes to that.  There is still room for improvement.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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