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DAVIDO NDLEA’S INVESTIGATION: ‘The idea of the video was to showcase African food’

We also sought the reaction of the artiste, Davido on the subject. We spoke with his manager, Kamal Ajiboye in a phone chat. This is what he said…


The NDLEA is investigating Davido’s Fans Mi video. How do you react to this?

The mood in Davido’s camp is that we are very disappointed about the way Nigerians handle things. That video was meant to showcase Nigeria’s foods. It is like when someone approaches you that he wants to buy a particular powder, and you tell the person that you indeed have such powder. That is yam powder in Africa. He didn’t specify the name of the powder that he wanted, so you take the powder you have to him.

If you watch the video, you’d see that water was put on fire to make the Poundo yam, and at the end of the video, Davido was seen eating poundo yam with vegetable soup. He was showcasing African lifestyle

and the kind of food he eats. In America, their type of powder might be cocaine, but in Africa, our type of powder is poundo yam powder.

Davido-fans-miSo, your point is it was by no means a hard drug?

No! There was nowhere in the video anybody was sniffing or something like that. The only situation where someone used the powder was when they were using it to make poundo yam, which Davido ate with vegetable soup.

What is your thought on the negativity trailing the video?

Our thought is that Nigerians should always try to see things from a positive angle. We are disappointed. Half of the people that are saying this have not even watched the video. Those who have watched it understand the story behind the video. One thing is, if you are making a video, you want to create something that will get people talking and asking for more, and you can achieve that with a story behind it.

Sometimes, when a story seems negative, if you observe carefully you tend to notice that it is actually positive. Davido is not pushing drugs and was not trying to showcase an African artiste pushing drugs, rather he was trying to show that the powder we use in Africa is used to make pounded yam.

Has the NDLEA contacted you?

No, the NDLEA has not contacted us. I don’t know where they got the story.

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