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Davido Extra: Clears air on Skelewu controversy

‘Being a billionaire’s son is a huge advantage’

Thursday, November  21, 2013, was the 21st birthday of the Nigerian music star, David Adeleke otherwise known as Davido. The O.B.O crooner spent the day with the less privileged at the Heritage Orphanage and Heart of Gold in Surulere (Lagos). Same day, the youngster was also hosted by the Red Media, where he was appointed as Teen Y! Editor at large. The celebration moved to Pavada Lounge, Victoria-Island, Lagos where he had fun with colleagues and friends.

Davido spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on the joy of clocking 21, as well as controversies surrounding Skelewu video, amongst others.

1-Davido (5) -001How does it feel to witness today in your life time?

I thank God. I’m very grateful to Almighty because some people never made it, and for Davido to be alive, it is a great joy. I am thankful to God. I feel great today. I just feel like I’m flying.

Were you able to achieve some of the things you projected last year when you clocked 20?

I’ll say, yes. Because I have done bigger projects, aimed at reaching out to my fans and the less privileged ones, which I did sufficiently this (last) week, during my birthday.

Can you be specific on the achievement, and what you didn’t achieve?

I toured Europe and UK and that helped me to connect widely with my fans abroad. Then, I was able to give out to the less privileged ones during my birthday. That is something I have loved to achieve because I have seen Nigerian children on the streets, suffering, and their situation is terrible. So, I have always wanted to make my own contribution, to better their lives, and I thank God I made it.

As for what I’m yet to achieve, don’t  worry, as I tick them off my checklist you’ll be hearing about them.

Now that you’ve been appointed as Editor at large of Teen Y! Magazine, how do you want to combine that with music?

The musical part of the Teen Y! magazine will be offered by me. It’s Teen Y!, and of course, teens practically live for music. So, the relationship will work.

1-Davido and RED Team - bLet’s talk about your music. What is delaying your second album?

Delaying ke! No, it’s not delayed. I’m bringing it out when it’s time! And that’s in my own due time, when I’m ready to!

In all the singles you’ve released this year, Skelewu seemed to be outstanding. Where and how did you get the concept?

Skelewu is like a fever that I just caught from nowhere. We’ve been doing the dance ,my gang and I. It’s a dance we do amongst ourselves and we just finally built it to become something everybody dances to.

What’s Skelewu?

Like I told you earlier, it’s like a fever (smile), that’s all.

Why are controversies surrounding the shooting of the video for Skelewu?

Skelewu is not just a fever. It’s a hugely contagious fever. The buzz is heavy. So, naturally it caused small controversy, but all that’s in the past now. We’ve moved on.

1-Davido and HKN gang - bWe read your tweet and Sesan’s reactions about the Skelewu video. Can you tell us what really happened?

What I can only tell you is that, I did a video and it leaked.

Are you impressed with what Mr. Moe Musa later did?

Of course!

Let’s talk about your personality. Unlike before, Davido is now free from all forms of negative reportage. How did you achieve that, or will you say the negative reportage were purposely done to tarnish your image?

People say different things. They have written different reports. Whichever way the reports came, na dem sabi. I have always just been me, I am who I am, so If those reports were written to  tarnish my image, then, God pass them, because I’m still here, and I’m still O.B.O!

1-Davido entering the venueWhat will you say the industry has taught you?

That hard work pays.

Can you share your pains and gains as a celebrity, music star and son of a billionaire?

My pains, people think everything is a function of my father is a rich man. People take so long to believe in you, or believe in your effort, your hustle. Then the celebrity life, of course, it has its downs, such as “No privacy Again” and different reports from the media, Davido did this, Davido did that, etc.

For the gains, although, I’ll say being O.B.O (son of a billionaire) is one of them, the biggest is doing music, which has been my dream. In all, it’s all fun.

We’ve seen pictures of you and different pretty ladies. Can you tell us who exactly is your real girlfriend, and what qualities you like about her?

No! (Laugh) I won’t say anything. You be amebo (gossip So, I won’t tell you.

What are your plans for HKN Gang and where would you like to see it in the next two years?

At the very top of the industry with all round chart topping artists, that’s how we are going to roll!


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