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Deji Tinubu: How to avoid sudden death

With the sudden death of Deji Tinubu, special adviser on commerce, industry and cooperatives to Lagos governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, on Thursday, January 25, 2018, in Epe (Lagos) while playing football, many are deeply worried!

And with life expectancy for a male in Nigeria at 55.5 years and female at 57.2 years, legions are concerned about how to elongate their lives.
So, why do Nigerians die in their 50s? Why do enlightened Nigerians who access to nutritious food, clean water, good medicare, reasonably standard of living and more die suddenly?
People nurse diseases they are sometimes unaware of like hypertension, diabetes, heart, kidney and liver diseases.
They are stressed! They eat the wrong food, drink excessively, they are unfit.
So, how can one escape sudden death?
* Do a comprehensive medical check-up
*Avoid smoking
*Think young and positive
* Eat right and well
* Avoid excessive drinking
* Exercise moderately
* Be gainfully engaged
* Be sociable and interact well
* Love life
* Don’t leave health conditions to fate



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