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Delarue online TV/Radio debuts in Lagos

The management of Flayvaskyes Limited has debuted a 24/7 live online radio/tv station in Lagos. It is called Delarue live media.

The managing director of the company, Arc. Orimijupa Olawale Daniel made this announcement at the formal inauguration that saw in attendance captains of industries, the professionals and media practitioners.

The unveiling was held on Friday, December 16, 2016 at the Ogba, Lagos office.

Arc. Orimijupa disclosed that the conception of online medium is woven around being a 21st century media platform which is capable of operating efficiently and effectively online.

He said; “Our main objective is to fill the gap created between the orthodox television/radio platforms and other social media platforms. Narrowing this gap means that we need to balance the contents and context of our news and other live programmes online. This is mainly anchored on 24/7 real time events which reduces information gaps between the populace and the government.

Speaking on the decision to venture into this laudable project, the Director noted that it is common knowledge that orthodox media grapples with the problem of over-censorship while social media on the other hand has become an empire for junk and unwholesome practices.

He said; “Global trends require that news from the staples everywhere across the globe are served to the public hot, fresh and direct from our platforms.

Our automated modern platform which is fully digitalized provides a cheaper alternative for businesses, individuals, groups and other corporate organization to advertise their programs, events, products and services globally and within a fraction of a moment.”

Apart from the state of the art technology, the director said that the medium has an assembly of high flyers first class home grown professionals that have continued to distinguish themselves and are made ready for the satisfaction of their would-be-clients.

According to him, Our programs meet the global standards and are tailored to provide satisfaction and meet the unquenchable thirst for fresh ideas, information and entertainment. This is made possible by streaming at the comfort of your offices, in your cars, while on air or on voyage; at a stipend.

“Presently we run the following programmes: The Core, Say 5, Every Naira Counts, Global X, Steamin’, Ucam, Playlist, SoundCheck, Mic’d Up, Waves, The Para Show, I Confess, The Shrink, The Friday Show, and many more. All these Programs are for our viewers and listeners delight. They can follow us on youtuben instagram, facebook with the @delaruelive.com24/7”, he concluded.

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