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Derision trails JAMB’s cut off mark reduction to 120/400

Many Nigerians are unhappy following Tuesday, August 22 announcement by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board to peg admission cut off mark to 120/400 for universities.

The Registrar of JAMB  (Prof. Is-haq Oloyede) also announced 100/400 for admission into polytechnics.
Derision trailed the announcement as many lament the sorry state of our education…

Bola Ige Oluwaseye:

All in the name of generating revenue for Nigerian tertiary institutions. The prospective JAMBITES are gaining admission YET until they pass the Post-UTME. Like the JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede said, “Universities should not go below the minimum 120 cut-off point adopted by the meeting for admissions. What JAMB has done is to recommend; we will only determine the minimum, whatever you determine as your admission cut-off mark is your decision.” So, each prospective JAMBITE will later sit for Post-UTME after this cut-off mark according to the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, described as a mistake the Federal Government’s ban on tests conducted by universities after the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations. He explained that post-UTME was banned because it had become an avenue for corruption. Adamu however encouraged higher institutions to conduct aptitude tests for candidates seeking admission and pegged the fee for the test at N2,000.



Education in Nigeria continues to go down; why would 120/400 be considered a pass mark? That’s 30 percent! How do you expect people that pass exams at 30% to give you 80% when they get to work as Perm secs, ministers, and even Presidents? That’s why some of them claim they “spended” the opportunities given to them well ignorantly!



This is mediocrity at the highest level, I am lost for why cut off marks should be lowered for people to gain admission into higher institutions. This is absurd and bodes ill for our education system as it erases the spirit of excellence and fosters mediocrity.


Okeso Emeka:

Is a welcome development but they have to read hard because they will write UTME exam.


Amechi Stephen Edeh:

Too bad we are celebrating mediocrity in this country, imagine giving university admission to someone that scores 120/400 not even up to 40% pass mark.


Alabi Abdullateef Adebayo:

I think we are misquoting Professor Oloyede. He didn’t said the cut off mark for university is 120 neither did he said that that of polytechnic is 100.

He only said that the cut off mark of all universities shouldn’t go below 120. That means an university can still decide if they want higher cut off like 180,190,200….


John Eyo:

Very soon it will be shifted to “25” for varsities and “2” for poly..those old headed who are obsessed to power do make insignificant decision….y can they just avulse that thing called Jamb in other to have a better Nigeria????…..


Prince Chizu:

A Government that has no sense of direction. Why are we so inconsistent with our policies? No stable policy Chai how has the mighty falling.


Olaide Abodunrin:

Anyways welcome to the millennium of craziness in jamb, last year post utme was ban and now they lift the band and come out to tell us that cut off mark is 120 for university, am just thinking abi ishaq oloyede score 130 for utme……. an just saying ni ooo


Adeyemi Olalekan Yusuff:

Absolute nonsense… The federal and states government need to save our educational sector. A state of emergency should be declared in Nigerian education.


Isaiah Uko:

They are complicating issues. They said university can also have their cut off marks. Then looking at the percentage of 120 to the total of 400, is 120 a good grade? They should plan before taking decision. 120/400 is not a score!


Excel-Bassey Isang:

It’s not a guarantee to gain admission, they should go back to the drawing board


Obayemi Babasola:

So you mean it is true? but how, why? as in I don’t seem to understand. University now 120/400. I remember having 255 without admission and being told to do better next time. So what are we telling jambites now, to relax themselves next time? ko yemi to. I think RATS need to do the needful at NUC and JAMB offices o


Ogbemudia Eddy Uwoghiren:

I remember studying for JAMB as though my entire life depended on it in 2011.. With a score of 279, I was denied admission into medical school. I don’t just know how I will advise my younger brother to aim high in his jamb next year when cut off mark is now 120…. So sad..


Femi Adebola:

The aim is to make more money for Universities through post UTME exams.


Agboola Progress:

I was shocked when I saw the news on naij. Nigeria education system has been bastardized. This is totally uncalled for 120/400.

Am very sure no sane university will adopt this cut off marks since they are allowed to determine their cut off marks


Ogbemudia Eddy Uwoghiren:

Who knows, soonest they will tell us, no need to write JAMB . just pay the fee and walk into any university of your choice… #SaveEducation…


Freeman Osawe:

We just need to adopt the western education style. certainly the education reform act as amended is not even followed up. jamb should back out. universities should conduct exams for any applicant. if they excel, kudos but if they don.t they should be dismissed.


Razaq Bamideley Tijanny:

This Rat policy again? Its crazy. Whats d difference btw Utme nd aptitude year they wil say they should ruin physical test lol


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