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Designers reveal what will be in vogue in 2016 (2)

The fashion scene in 2015 was dynamic. A lot of Nigerians embrace different colourful garbs. 2016 is not going to be an exception, the fashion scene will witness the continuous display of colourful attires and colour blocking.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with talented designers on what the fashion scene will look like this year.


Fashion is becoming less dictatorial,  and more style focused -ADE BAKARE

How will you describe 2015 fashion scene in Nigeria?

Ade Bakare 1-Fullscreen capture 1272016 43745 PMThe fashion scene in Nigeria was very vibrant. Due to the elections there was a slight lull in fashion shows and activities but it soon picked up after. Last year saw the emergence of a lot of fashion designers which was evident at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. Also a lot of fashion designers who trained abroad have started coming to Nigeria to set up fashion business. The influence of social media has made it possible for a lot of designers to exist also through online sales, Port Harcourt and Abuja also becoming strong fashion capitals.

What are the fashion mistakes in the industry last year?

Having been in the industry for decades, when I visit Nigeria, it is amazing to see designers come up with new collections but there has to be more direction in them. The quality of what is shown can be vastly improved. Clients look to fashion designers for direction. There is a tendency by some customers to be outlandish. I  believe less is more. Too much colour, fabrics combinations and heavy jewelry are some of the mistakes noticed a lot last year.

What are the fashion pieces and colours to expect this year?

Fashion is becoming less dictatorial, and more style focused. However, there is still great influence of primary colours in bold hues of yellows, orange, greens, reds and blues long fitted dresses, short dresses with volume in the skirt, intricate design details such as bows, sashes, placates, geometric designs with bold contrast fabrics for emphasis. Also peplums with asymmetric cuts, fabrics are rich and opulent lace, organza, chiffon and light cotton. In Africa, there is a strong demand for African textiles especially ankara and adire, ankara is becoming more innovative with its designs, especially with those from Francophone countries, also adire is more vibrant with richer colours and designs. Those from Ghana and Mali are giving the dyers in Abeokuta a good run for their money. Design and innovation reign supreme.

How best can fashion forward people rock them?

Best advice to fashion lovers is to adhere to the maxim – less is more. Wear styles that flatter your figure, avoid excess even with jewelry, create a look that is unique to you and carry it off with confidence. There is no harm in following trends. Fashion is a tribe with its followers but balance and proportion are key.


‘Animal print has always been around’ -TOLU  MEDUNA

1-Tolu Medunna 2 IMG-20151211-WA008How will you describe 2015 fashion scene in Nigeria?

2015 fashion scene in Nigeria could be described as We Finally Meet The West. What I mean is our style can be on the red carpet anywhere in the world from Hollywood to Bollywood, Paris, London, etc. and stand out fabulously. There was a lot of bedazzling and hand beaded sequenced attires. Even our aso ebi was won very stylishly, the headgear aso oke was mostly won in multi colour stripes. Ankara, aso oke, adire fabrics were made in trendy styles atimes paired with other fabrics like laces, chiffon, silk, etc.

What are the fashion mistakes in the industry last year?

Fashion mistakes! There were not so much but a little thing I like to see more, especially with celebrities on red carpet when outside Nigeria wearing their top designer culture dresses, etc. is to take with them no matter how little accessories that scream African. It could be an ankara belt, a purse, etc. It’s fabulous to keep selling Africa to the world.

What are the fashion pieces and colours to expect this year?

This year, there will be animal prints either won as full clothe or pants, tops or accessories like shoes, purses and belts. Animal print has always been around and looks like it’s not going anywhere soon.

How best can fashion forward people rock them?

Denim has been around forever but in 2016 it will be worn more freshly styled and edgy and it will encourage everyone to bring out their energy and dress for success because the way you are dressed is how you would be addressed.


‘Fashion is going back’ -OBIJIE ORU

1-Obijie Oru byge IMG-20160125-WA004How will you describe 2015 fashion scene in Nigeria?

The fashion scene in 2015 was interesting. It grew as it has been doing in the past years with new designers on the scene. We saw a lot of capes last year. I found most of them interesting, it was wonderful to see how designers played with it, I still think we will see some more of it this year, there was fashion with a lot of art. Fashion enthusiasts were given an opportunity to express themselves.  Nigerian designers are immensely talented.

What are the fashion mistakes in the industry last year?

I don’t know about mistakes. I just think designers need to be more organized. I would like Nigerians and Africans at large to adapt our own fashion season. It gets confusing when you bring out a summer collection when it’s raining in Nigeria, I would love a better structure.

What are the fashion pieces and colours to expect this year?

The pantone colours for this year is rose quartz and frost blue. Lovely colours but I don’t know if we follow that here, I have tried to close my eyes and design in those colours but it’s difficult as I am African and all I see is the rainbow, colours, colours everywhere. Perhaps we will rock them at weddings and evening or cocktail events but Nigerians like what they like, and will only wear what they are feeling at the time.

How best can fashion forward people rock them?

Fashion is going back. I’m seeing the flared trousers are back in the bulky chiffon, almost Victorian blouses are back. Of course, for the most fashion forward wearers, while other fashionistas will keep their clean lines and timeless pieces.


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