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Dettol launches Multi-Surface Cleaner with Clean Naija campaign at LUTH

RB, the world’s leading consumer Health and Hygiene Company is set to revolutionize the surface cleaning segment with the introduction of its new product, Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner. This new revolutionary product is a confirmation of RB’s vision of healthier homes and happier lives through innovative home and personal care solutions.

Growing Hygiene needs has become a top priority for every Nigerian after the 2014 Ebola and 2015 Lassa epidemics. In addition, the public is becoming very cautious on diseases as more than one hundred thousand kids die every year due to preventable diseases like diarrhoea.

One of the startling facts is that 80% of these illness-causing germs are acquired at home from different surfaces like floors, kitchen tops and washbasins. However, while cleaning the surfaces, Nigerians have been using sub optimal solutions like detergents which do not kill germs or bleach which does not properly remove stains and compromising on all-day freshness.

The new Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner is the first of its kind in the surface-cleaning category providing 10 times better cleaning and germ kill versus detergents and bleach while providing all day freshness. Most importantly, using Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner is more affordable and cheaper compared to buying all of the other cleaning agents separately. Dettol MPC can be used on all hard surfaces including tiles, marble, and granite, wood or cement floors to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment within the home.

The new product was unveiled at the premises of Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH with a public awareness campaign tagged ‘Dettol Clean Naija’. In his welcome address during the event, the Marketing Director RB West Africa, Oguzhan Silivrili said, “Dettol Clean Naija is a public awareness campaign to draw the attention of our consumers to the need of promoting best hygiene practices across different platforms. This campaign does not only introduce the new product but also making a difference on the grass root level via actively cleaning places like the Emergency and Accident Unit at LUTH where a germ free environment is of utmost priority in order to break the chain of contagious diseases.

According to Oguzhan, “This campaign brings like-minded institutions like LUTH and other health conscious institutions across Nigeria to promote jointly best hygiene practices, including personal and surface hygiene. The Clean Naija initiative team will travel from city to city and Nigerians will decide which places to clean through voting on social media platforms”.



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