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Did Lekan Shonde shave on the day he surrendered?

Lekan Shonde, the 51 year old alleged killer of his wife, Ronke, 36, surrendered on Monday, May 9, 2016, to the police in the afternoon following appeals by some of his friends. He had been on the run for three days, since Friday, May 6, when the corpse of his wife of eight years and mother of his two children was discovered.

For a man on the run, Lekan Shonde didn’t look unkempt. In fact, his light blue shirt appeared well starched. And his beard clean shaven. Even his hair looked well groomed, his moustache trimmed.

And observers who have been studying the pictures of the dockworker are asking questions…


* Where did Lekan hide for three days?

* Did he change clothes?

* Was he wearing the same clothes he left home with on Friday morning?

* Did he get a haircut?

* Did he shave?

* Where did he get the presence of mind and focus to attend to his clothes and grooming when he knew that his wife was dead?


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