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Did Rear Admiral Ikoli actually kill himself?

The Police are hard at work investigating whether Rear Admiral Teikumo Daniel Ikoli – whose corpse was found in his bedroom on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – actually killed himself.

Many theories laying claims to the possibility that the Fleet Commander, Western Naval Command, Apapa (Lagos), was murdered abound.


Here are some questions being raised by insiders who don’t believe that the officer and a gentleman took his own life:


  1. There are claims that he complained that his life was in danger possibly because of his role in the arms deal probe panel set up by the President.

So, are there records of the complaints of his life being in danger?


  1. He’s a two-star General with an enviable track record and almost at the peak of his career.

Why would he take his life at this point?

Are the financial problems so insurmountable?

Is the ailment terminal and so painfully unbearable?


  1. Why would he shoot three times? He’s well trained, and should know how to shoot to kill.


  1. Was the pistol found on his stomach? If so, someone probably put it there.

A suicide victim’s gun bounces backwards, and away from his body.

Was he lying down when he shot himself?


  1. Was the bedroom door actually locked from inside?

Who broke the door? The houseboy who reportedly found his corpse?


  1. Could he have been shot from his window? Were the windows open?

Was he ‘exchanging fire’ with intruders?


Soon, the Lagos State Police Command will keep us abreast as more details emerge…



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