Did Wuraola lose a pregnancy? Inside the marriage dossier of Oonirisa (5)

Was Olori Wuraola pregnant? Did she have a miscarriage? Insiders maintained that the loss of the unborn baby of the wife of Ooni of Ife further damaged their troubled union! learnt that following the miscarriage, blame game ensued leading to more unhappiness in the 16-month union now described as fatally wounded.
When the pregnancy came, there was joy in the household. But fresh bickering emerged, and later the pregnancy was lost.
While Olori was in pains, Ooni was distraught.
Fresh misunderstanding hinged on the miscarriage escalated their troubles…until Olori Wuraola disappeared from the palace.
And by Monday, August 14, unpalatable tales hovered on the internet about the union.
Though denied by Ooni’s media aide and Olori Wuraola’s press secretary, the troubled marriage was confirmed by palace sources who listed the union as deeply damaged…



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