Dino Melaye denies plot to instigate impeachment of Buhari

Senator Dino Melaye has denied making any statement about a plot to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari on the floor of the Senate yesterday (Tuesday, July 12). He distanced himself from such a plot in a press statement today ( Wednesday, July 13).

He was quoted by many news reports as plotting to instigate an impeachment proceeding against the president following the forgery trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu

His press release reads :
“It is pertinent to note that the incredulously machinated misinformation was orchestrated by forces bent on destabilising the upper chambers of the Nigerian Parliament for selfish reasons.

One of the mushroom and faceless online platforms used to promote the ill-fated and calumnious write-up has been notorious for serving as the propagandist machinery of political commercialists who are pushing for the extension of their fiefdom to the National Assembly,

While I remain unimpeachably committed to the leadership of the Senate, I believe the respected arm of government charged with the onerous responsibility of lawmaking should be given the independence to conduct its business.

I am a responsible Nigerian, role model and a champion of anti-corruption and equity which my party (APC) stands for.

I therefore urge the general public to discountenance the libelous publication as I will continue to respect the history, culture and excellence of my Kogi West people on the floor of the Senate. The true threat to the current republic are those who believe that a Nigeria that is not led by them must not exist.”



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