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Dino Melaye dodges direct questions on degrees

Senator Dino Melaye, representing the good people of Kogi West district, dodged most of the direct questions on his degrees on live television.

Interviewed by Channels TV’s Seun Okinbaloye on Politics Today on Friday, March 31, the 25-minute interview yielded little clarifications concerning some of his degrees which are suspected to be fake.
When asked about Harvard University and London School of Economics, he didn’t say much (though both have denied that he was their  graduate).
Watch the video…

And here are some interesting comments…


Ray Hill:

For me, NDUME is just a puppet of executive and the APC.


Ahmed Alhassan:

You can never escape God’s wrath soonest with this your excessiveness.


Bose Hamzat:

Go and complete your degree course.


Adetoyan Shola Bigshow:

Dino is just so lucky, anyway. If not …


Onye Guy Okeyson:

We know Dino as a noise maker.


Aminullahi Adeyemi:

Ask Dino why he started and finished his NYSC on Sunday?


Kelechi Ebu:



Steve Choji:

Senator Dino Melaye, your reactions to your certificate scandal was more immature to me. You should have been more composed and matured . The school ABU should worry more about that than you.


Adebayo Sodiq Ademola:

Pls the interviewer, ask him about his NYSC registration no and his year of serving which is 2000.


Ndukuba Prosper N:

Nigeria is already drawn in the ocean under this APC government, l don’t know why everybody is complaining. We asked  for change, we are getting the change. Naija l de laugh. Let’s manage, it is remaining 2yrs. Next time make una open una eyes.


Bright Uyiosa Omoruyi:

Only one person is working in this APC government, he’s called Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. Every other person is fighting for their personal ambition.


Gbenga Oke Sunday:

Shameless foolish set of leaders.


Innocent Momoh:

Fearless senator.


Ugo UgomsinaChi Orji:

Dino, taste the bitter pill. I remember when you took Nigerians to sleep on the roads of Abuja because GEJ increased fuel price. How much is fuel today? It’s your turn now.


Nnamdi Obuma:

Dino is one Senator I respect, he calls a spade a spade. Fearless and outspoken of truth matters. Kudos

No mind all these fools that are shallow thinkers.


DKing Maxim:

Just imagine…. Senators are working…. I don’t blame you people! I pray Nigerians have one voice and kick you guys off the windows!!!… Rubbish!!


Faith Toje Emofonmwan:

Despite this certificate saga, Dino is a very intelligent and eloquent man compared to the other senators who have 1st or 2nd class, masters, Phd degrees, etc. He is more active and represents his people very well.


Ngozi Ogundu:

This senators are jokers. Dino also lied to the Ethics and Privileges  committee that he finished from London school of Economics and Harvard university. The Abuja contributor is making sense.


Daniel-kQt Babs:

This man just finished Dino Melaye. Hahahaha. Melaye ooo. London School of Economics, Harvard for where? Naija oooo


Olatunbosun Akinbolajo:

Ask him on the date on his NYSC certificate. The report date and discharged dates were both on Sundays. Did he report to camp on Sunday and got discharged on Sunday?


Aiku Adegboyega:

The president needs  to crush this group of rogue legislators. After all, most of the senators are former governors who have history of crushing Houses of Assembly during their tenure. Yeye dey smell


Olufunke Ajoje:

London School of Economics and Harvard University indeed. Very funny. Thank God Dino is not our President. He would have equated all short term courses to degree.


Folajimi James:

I am sorry for Nigeria. This man should be probed further because there are many contradictions in his statements. Moreover, he is not responding to the questions asked.


Habeeb Adeyemo:

This man should be properly investigated, his case is a total blow to Nigeria system of education and shame to ABU in particular. FGN should take actions as the whole world is watching.



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