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Dino Melaye’s video rant finds little sympathy

The video rant of Senator Dino Melaye on Monday, March 27, 2017 – following the appearance of the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University  (Zari, Kaduna state) claiming that the lawmaker graduated in Geography with Third Class in year 2000 – has been largely a source of amusement.

Here are some views about the video…

Ose Ben Okaka:

You guys should leave him alone, that’s who he is ,nobody can change that.. have you ever wondered why the certificate scandal came out?? Is he just graduating ?? Why are people hating?? At least, he speaks out and he is radical 👍


Law Mos:

Nigeria is in trouble if these are the sort of people we have as our law makers. Dino we haven’t forgotten that you claimed to have degrees from

Harvard and LSE. Liar Liar.


Gbenga Ojoawo:

This is the height of stupidity and pettiness from a supposed distinguished senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. What a shame.


Onyemobi Uchechukwu:

Human beings sef ,if you don’t like the, you either go and jump into the lagoon or hug the nearest transformer, the man has his own life to live period.


Braimoh Adewale:

Is this man a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria? If truly he is our senator,l think he’s bigger than all this nonsense, he should not behave like a tout.


Victor Gibson:

Some people are more better than basketmouth, I think I just saw an upcoming artist that will outshine our comedians


Alex Ogbemi Dottie:

Senator Dino Melaye, still my choice of a person full of courage and boldness to defeat any northern cabals (enemy)of Nigeria trying to take us backward. I believe with someone like Dino, we the masses are victorious and conquerors. Let them plan more evil and he will subdue them again and again in a trillion times.


Chummy Nwankwo:

I believe everyone has that crazy fun time of his/her life. Allow this man to be happy jare , whether a senator or not he’s human and has his life to live and out do his haters. Why all this scandals now and una president get certificate at all.


Elizabeth Oyetunji:

We now live in a society where everyone is afraid to say the truth because of the threat of being killed. Truth is now very expensive and scarce. People that should even support you have been bought over. Nobody is ready to sacrifice anymore. God come and take your place. The world is totally corrupted.


Murphy Maji Ashafa:

Distinguished senator Dino Melaye remains the basic political ingredient that our democracy want now. He stands for the truth!


Ebenezer Idachaba:

This the man, practical, no pretense, bold and living his life. Speaks for the masses and some gutless fools are killing themselves over him. Go and remove him from the senate now. Common class monitor you una no do, come here de talk. Shame on you.


Nancy C Nancy:

This is my best senator from today! I don’t understand that song but mehn this guy just made me laugh so loud this morning, someone should translate that song biko I need to sing it for my haters soon 😂😂😂, am beginning to love this dude


Raphael Oluwatayo Olojede:

Rising to the position of authority in Nigeria or anywhere in the world has nothing to do with education. If as educated as you all claim to be you can not reason along that path then you have to be re-educated.


Justice Uche:

I like Dino Melaye and his radical approach to the backward politics we play in Nigeria but senators are called Distinguished for a reason and this is not how a senator should behave. He’s suppose to address his supporters as a senator so they can reason with him. This kind of act is not good for the future of Nigeria.


Dahiru Mah’d Adamu:

Very shameful a senator of the federal republic of nigeria dancing along and singing kai you deserved not to be called senator rather to be called MAD MAN.The national assemble authorities should have a close watch of senator Dino Malaye.


Kenny Faps:

Is this a senator for real? Only in Nigeria o. Oniranu kan sha! Nothing to emulate in this guy’s behaviour at all. He showed no maturity in this video. O ma se o. I pity for my dear country Nigeria.


Stevol Daniel:

How can a whole senator is behaving this way and manner. As for u Murphy, if u have something meaningful doing will you be following him up and down? Why on earth should a senator in the federal republic of Nigeria act in such manner on social media? He was elected for a purpose and that is legislative duties.


Akinmade Thompson:

I feel ashamed and disgusted by the youthful leadership we are grooming in this country in the like of melaye even his utterances and antecedents in the house of representatives with anger and annoyance in his leadership he represent at that time for kogi people Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria God help us the youth below 45 yrs.


Usman Umar Kasim:

it is unfortunate, dancing ? at the face of this academic woes with unstable character all through your academic years been expose it is a call for sober reflection for the people of kogi west. four wasted years in the senate, I think in academics it …See More


Abidemi Azeez Lemboye:

He is currently unmarried. He was previously married to Tokunbo Melaye for ten years. She filed for divorce after a domestic violence dispute where she claimed that he beat her up and pointed a gun to her head. Shortly after, Dino Melaye moved another …See More


Wale Ajayi Owoeye:

This is the height of political comedy and self destruction, I would have thought it’s a lie. This kind of celebration does not befit a distinguished senator… it betrays everything good you claim to represent. Please remove this video now!


Adetayo Otubushin:

Common Dino, you should be matured in modern politics by now. You will always have enemies and supporters in politics. This video is just uncivilised, you could have address the press about the whole saga instead.


Adu Ayodele:

I was wondering why the issue of bogus certificate did not come up before now that Senator Dino Melaye had not started upbraiding the current administration for correction. The same certificate was used to clear him for election and it wasn’t fake the…See More


Iwuchukwu Obinnajimmy:

Let me say this as a warning to you fools who will not think before you talk. Stay off Dino. He is a rare germ, atleast he comes out to say it and stand his ground as a man which non of you can do


Ishaku Alu:

He never said or says he’s Jesus or parades himself as Saint Dino. He’s doing what he knows how to do best and we appreciate him for that, Pls give him some credits! A young man that has overcome countless political battles yet remains strong and resolute, do you think its easy for a young man to survive the Nigerian political terrain thus far? We know he’s human but still love him. More grease…


Ada Nneoma Ihezue:

Hey God this is somebody’s father oh displaying like this on social media..I would have said something but since it is not my father lemme just be going


Emma Abuchi Agbo:

The man is happy that he won the fight at last and he is out to celebrate it in any way he


Bashir Jimoh:

If this is what you declared as been successful then I query your value system. Is armed robber successful because he got the money from victims?. It a fraud.


Mcpaulinus Idimogu Jp:

Hahahaha I just love this guy Dino my man heater should jump into lagoon or hug the nearest transformer.


Okey-Okereke Nkechi:

Well..for me;even with the porported Akara certificate…he is very sound! The rest🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇 na his personal life matter.

Just like every other person.


Bigshow Ndi:

U guys should leave him alone oooo na you know he have seven degrees i thought you guys said he don’t have, Nigerians with their mouth


Ismyhill Herdayshenor Hussen:

Is this the kind-of product Ahmadu Bello University produce? What a graduate indeed.. Also a graduate from Harvard University.. Hmm. Action speaks louder than voice


Segun Olarewaju:

Before you voted him why can’t you asking as the first place maybe he as degree or not????? Now that is on power you guy’s start asking for on nesecsry question,,, some nigeria are mad like seriously.


Xplizit Klenchy Godson:

Focus more on your life than judging others if they are nuisance or not… the so called “nuisance” still has a life that’s better than yours


Amuluonyen’ego Chimaobim:

Distinguished Senator Otunba Dino Melaye is one of the most vibrant and vocal senator of the federal republic and should be encouraged to continue discharging his legislative duties, not minding the plot of evil ones


Ifeanyi Cammy:

Is Dino the problem of Nigeria. I think we have more serious issues at hand than this wasteful distraction. Where are our C.. Girls, we are in serious Economic crisis, insurgency, herdsmen/ farmers/ community wahala , militancy, monumental corruption in high places, cabals in seat of government and we are here disturbing a man and his destiny. Nonsense.


Trace Okoye:

There’s something most nigerian graduates seem to be getting wrong o: being a 1st class or 2’1 graduate is not a guarantee that you will be a success in life. Take a look around you, even Emeka, Tunde and Usman who didn’t go to university are building …See More


Eluka Iyfex:

mehn the country is dead so i don’t blame this my man lol.what we need is real revolution and seems this generation no man enough so far to stand.Dino enjoy because it’s obvious opportunity,be against them and they will kick you out.


Ehije Bashir Ugwi:

Hahajajajhahaja I no understand your song but I swear you are one crazy mother fucker hahahahahhaahahah, certificate either First Class or third class certificate is certificate Cate and I sure say u get even if I don’t know u personally. I beg dance for them no time


Folorunsho Adekunle Badmus:

Oh! Nigeria my dearest country! This a real shameful act by a senator.We are seriously in trouble in this country gan ni. Real kasala…’aje kun iya ni o’ je bla bla from Dino himself,a senator representing people of Kogi.May God help us in Nigeria.


Isiaka Olasunkanmi Rasaq:

This man is a disgrace to this generation. How on earth can a law maker be behaving like this? I smell fraud in this case. He participated in NYSC in 1999 and graduated in 2000. This is a fraud. Open fraud. Its too early to rejoice now bcos the truth will come out very soon.


Chestnut Kerry:

But wait a minute! I am neither against Dino nor his opponent. Is that a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Is he part of our law makers? You claimed to have spoken the truth so why such video? This video shows the level of maturity of those governing us. I am totally disappointed. This is the height of insanity I have ever experienced.


Olanrewaju Akinyele:

Wait, what’s the aspersions for? He still saying this from a point of belief that he knows he is doing the right thing. Then let him be Dino. Simple!

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DrConfidence Francis:

Correct man, don’t mind propagandas and afonjas, Babachir lawal(grass cutter) must go, it’s will not end in bribing Sahara reporters to peddle lies. as far as ABU is concerned Dino is vindicated.


Ola Ola:

Baba continue ur dancing..9ce alapomeji Don talk am sey …. Make dem talk owun tori lobe but ko kan aye rara… U go school Or Not ko kan aye rara,, as long as Na ur talent u apply to be Senator..I hail u jor


Sinbad Niq Niqpizza:

I think we need this guy as president just like Trump , ask me why ? The world is changing to the other side of the coin where things had to be in the other way round , I like your ruggedness Dino


Solomon Emeka Ogbu:


Let’s be sincerer to ourselves. How many senators have a degree in red carpet? Are they up to 60% ? What about other government public office holders in Nigeria? So if you are convinced that Mr president has a waec result then permit me to say…See More


Matthew Ogbebor:

Sir please don’t mind this distractions truth which the government uses to attack person and or group of people who speak against the manner or ways in which they go about running the buzness of gvenment, sir be strong and stand tall,this not the first time we are seeing such attack.


Christopher Ugwuegbu:

Bro’s don’t mind ur haters if they don’t like ur way make them go hang themselves u stand for the truth and we the masses re behind u you re brave and out spoken continue God is ur strength u will remain victorious Dino my man remain bless


Olu Jay Ologs:

Are you interested in traveling to the United States of America for study, visit or conference? Are you also having problem filling forms online or knowing the basic requirements? Then call the expert on 08025071686 or 07063728792. We have lots of con…See More


Chuks Kelvin Oga:

I personally love you but you might be wrong if you think the masses hate u… The people that hate u are those who hate Nigerians, those Aso Rock cabals



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