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Dirtier details Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun are hiding from you

-How borrowed N45 million from a lady destroyed their peace

-Sugar mummy’s love child revealed after wedding

The Thursday, April 28 morning public outburst on Instagram of Tunji Balogun, estranged husband of adored singer Tiwa Savage, and her eventual heart breaking interview of Friday, April 29, failed to paint the full, colourful drama in the lives of the lovers who met in 2009, became an item in 2010 or 2011, got engaged on February 6, 2013, and eventually wedded on November 23, 2013 and April 26, 2014.

1-tiwa and teebillz


The messy details revealed by the erstwhile love birds hid many episodes that threatened the union even before it kicked off and as the marriage slid into its infancy.

Those who cared about the couple constantly warned them not to date, and advised against tying the knots since there were too many hitches and hurdles on their path. And as the union encountered storms, they begged for separation to avoid clear and present danger…

  • Many familiar with the hiccups in business relationship turning into a dalliance warned Tiwa and Tunji against having any amorous tango. From the outset, they were told that their dalliance had a slim chance of survival. That managing the show business angle, and entangling it with romance would be difficult.

And at the beginning, both of them were ashamed and embarrassed to go public with the liaison. They vehemently denied having anything more than platonic.

Friends and family warned them, but they were carried away by desperation to have a stronger tie, so that they could benefit more from the hitherto business relationship.

More than anything, Tiwa’s friends didn’t see anything good coming out of the dalliance. They warned her, cajoled her, issued  ultimatums…all to no avail.

It was in 2012 that both later admitted having more than a passing fancy for one another. And the public was furiously opposed to it.

When the public proposal happened, however, even those who saw nothing good in the romance kept quiet.


  • For many months, Tunji reportedly failed to tell Tiwa the full details of his relationship with Maete (Kaene) Udoh, the mother of his daughter (Olabisi Sheree) and son (Gaetano). And the depth of their affair.

1-Tiwa-Savage-x-Baby-1Many even believe that apart from living together, both had a civil union.

By the time Tiwa knew the full details of the other woman, she had long gone deep in the relationship.

But some insiders laughed at this position, claiming that it was a desperate Tiwa that snatched Tunji from his peaceful matrimonial home, and persuaded him to relocate to Lagos.

She wanted to succeed at all cost as an entertainer, and knew Tunji held the ace and visa to her stardom. That she practically enticed him.

Many warned then that nothing good would come out of the relationship since he was practically taken away by another woman. That karma has a way of repaying all in full measure with added bonus.

But Tiwa and Tunji were blinded by love and more.


  • When the relationship between manager and star grew stronger, deeper and entangled, another baby mama surfaced. And this time, it was a woman in her 50s. Rage and fury and anger greeted the discovery that Tunji and Dr. Vivian Oputa were lovers. Apart from more than 15 year gap between them, it was impossible to admit that he had a daughter, Onah, from the affair.

At the time Tiwa found out that her man now has three children out of wedlock, she was too ashamed to walk out. All her friends and family who warned her, couldn’t be told of this new secret.

And when she questioned him about his sugar mummy and love child, he defended himself by claiming that the affair was short. In fact, he told her that it was a fling which ended as fast as it started.

By this time, they were already well settled as man and wife. And the daughter of the dalliance(Onah) was more than three years old. The little girl is said to be four or five years old now.

They hurriedly buried the discovery and went about as if nothing serious had happened. But eventually it mattered.


  • Once the relationship changed status from business partners to lovers, money issues threatened. And apart from allegations of short changing and debts from lavish purchases he could not afford, the issue of what he did with money hung around.

1-Tunji-Tee-Billz-Balogun-and-daughter-Sheree-Olabisi-BalogunAnd when fresh information that he got a loan of N45 million from a woman cropped up, it was as shocking as it was devastating.

As threats of being arrested in place of her husband crept in, it became clear that separation was imminent.

And suspicion of what he did with money couldn’t be waved off. Especially a huge sum of N45 million. Many conspiracy theories emerged. Does he have a new family he is supporting? Is he philandering like a money miss road? Is he into a vice that swallows money whole?

Then, permutations about how he managed to get N45 million out of a woman fell in.

Many claimed this singular event played a huge part in their latest separation. That the fear of being embarrassed publicly by being arrested in lieu of her husband, threats of future debts, and general nonchalance broke the marriage.


  • Constantly sending the husband out of their matrimonial home was one dirty episode many couldn’t get over. Once the man of the house, who is supposed to wear the trousers, is the one at the receiving end of insult, the marriage has a slim chance of survival. From Tunji BALOGUN’s rants on Instagram, he admitted being kicked out of their 1004 Flats home and Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1 duplex ( both on Victoria Island, Lagos) on more than five occasions. But insiders claimed that it was far more than that.

Since he never paid the rent nor contributed to housekeeping and taking care of their son, Jamil (born on July 22, 2015), he had little say in the house.

Many even claimed that it is possible that the Lekki house was bought by the sensational singer who admitted settling his debts at nightclubs and a car lot in her interview.


  • Living on egg shells, in fear that the press would soon find out all that was wrong in their relationship, fast forwarded the demise of the union. Those he owed money, who knew that arm twisting her with threats of going public would dent her career and marriage were quick to play that card. And on many occasions, she was helpless and confused about how to carry on.

The perpetual threat of getting bad press on account of her husband’s misdemeanors pained her to no end. Whenever she considered the consequences of not falling for the blackmail, she broke down.

She was on edge, scared of his debts and their shadows. It affected her to great length. And getting out of the relationship was the only way out.


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