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Diseases killing Nigerians and how to avoid them

With their years of academic experience, doctors are well grounded in diseases and preventive measures against them. From their wealth of experience, medical professionals have advised on different ailments fast claiming Nigerians and how to prevent them. Encomium Weekly on Friday, April 1, 2016 had an interview with doctors and they explained the disease killing Nigerians and how they can be avoided.


‘Check your internal organs and make sure they’re working well’ – DR. STEVE

What are the diseases killing Nigerians?

Tobacco smoking, cancer of the breast, cancer of the body, ulcer, because there is so much hunger in the country. We cannot deny the fact that people are starving, especially in the northern area. High blood pressure kills a lot too and it doesn’t give anybody signs – but sometimes, people have headache or dizziness but dizziness is mostly with a diabetic patient. Also, too much of alcohol because here in Nigeria people do not have good business to run, you will find beer parlours and restaurant everywhere and people have to patronize them so they can make a living. Sometimes when an average Nigerian comes to hospital to do some test, you find out that the person is an alcohol addict and too much alcohol can lead to diabetes, and it has to do with the sugar level in the body and it can cause a lot of damages in the body. And when someone discovers he or she is diabetic, the person has to be on insulin and other anti-diabetic drugs.

How can these diseases be avoided?

Cancerous diseases can be prevented by daily check up. Check up of your internal organs and make sure it is working well. People living with ulcer should always take a deep breath before taking their breakfast every morning, because there is what we call hunger pain. So, before eating in the morning, you have to press to know if there is any pain on the lower region of your chest and check if there is any tenderness like pain or you observe some gastric tenderness. All these things can be avoided by regular checkups because there are some ulcers that are not very systematic, like the ulder that killed my mother. The ulcer was hiding inside until she died.

High blood pressure, the way to prevent it is by going for regular checkups, especially those that know that their family member, or mother or father or a relative is suffering from it. The person should also be doing a BP check at least once or twice a day because BP has a high rate in Nigeria. Take for instance when I was practicing, most of the patients that come were for mostly BP and diabetes.


‘Healthy lifestyle is the way out’ – DR. HALIMAT SUMONU

What are the diseases killing Nigerians?

Hypertension, diabetes and cancer. All these three are directly or indirectly linked to our lifestyle. The lifestyle of people now include taking a lot of junk foods, refined foods. After  eating these, people end up having what we call Laterucloeratus, which is narrowing of the blood pressure. One can also have diabetes mellitus from the diet as well. And so many cancers that are strange to our environment are now springing up like a lot of gastric cancer which are alien to our culture before but because of the food we eat now.

How can these diseases be avoided?

By living a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, eating healthy, cuttng down on all the refined foods and taking a lot of high fiber diet, take a lot of fruits. Also, you need to check yourself up regularly because some of these diseases cause cancer. Go for regular screening that will make you to be aware of your health. You need to check your blood pressure, you need to check your sugar level from time to time. For women, doing a breast screening, to prevent breast cancer and also watch what you eat because it causes cancer too.


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