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Disenchantment greets air raid of IDP camp by Nigerian soldiers

On Tuesday, January 17, 2017, tragedy struck in the fight against terror group, Boko Haram when a fighter jet involved in the counter insurgency operation in the North-East bombed the Internally Displaced People’s camp at Rann, Borno state reportedly in error, leaving scores dead and many others serious injured.

The unfortunate incident has been generating anger, sympathy, condemnation and more among many Nigerians home and abroad, alleging sabotage.

Those sought their reactions also shared similar views on the pathetic occurrence described by President Muhammadu Buhari as regrettable operational mistake.
‘We can’t rule out sabotage’-EMMANUEL NNANA
“Although, they said it was a mistake, I still believe an act of sabotage was involved. The bombing must be probed to unravel the cause of the mistake. The incident was pathetic. I believe with the level of the military intelligence they have acquired, they should be able to differentiate between IDP camp and that of terrorists. So, calling their senseless negligence a mistake is unacceptable.”
‘They incident must be properly investigated’ -JULIUS UCHENNA
“How can they call killing of that magnitude a mistake? To me, I can’t believe that at all. Before they took off, they should have identified their targets. They know the location of Sambisa, they didn’t go there . Then, why Rann which soldiers claim to be directly in charge of? So, that means something is fishy. There’s foul play somehow somewhere, and must be thoroughly investigated. Buhari should do everything to stop all these killings here and there. They’re getting too much. See what happened in Southern Kaduna where hundreds were killed. Nothing has been done about that. A lot like that has been swept under the carpet. Buhari needs to take action before the whole country collapses.”
‘It’s a stupid error, and should be probed’-OBI UZOR
“My brother, the incident is sad, very pathetic. I wept right inside my heart when I heard about it. How can the high level military personnel make that kind of a stupid mistake? Can’t they identify terrorists camp? Is it also difficult to identify IDP camp? A mere seeing the canopy should tell them this is IDP camp. And before leaving their base, they already knew where Kala and Rann are in their map or directory which I believe with the use of compass, they should be able to locate these two locations clearly. Now, what’s the essence of all their efforts since when they’ve bombed who they claim they’re protecting? And when former President Jonathan said they’re Boko Harams among in the military, they started attacking him. Now, it’s obvious we have insurgents among them pretending to be soldiers. Buhari should call for a probe, not just sympathising with the victims.”
‘It’s a very costly mistake’-ALH FATIMOH AMUSA
‘Oh! That’s terrible! I was devastated throughout yesterday when the news broke. They claimed it’s a mistake. What kind of costly mistake is that, leaving the terrorists and killing the innocent you’re supposed to be protecting? That’s not acceptable. Now, they have thrown a lot of people into eternal mourning and problem with their carelessness. They only said 52 people died, only God knows the exact figure and those that will still die among the injured. Or can we say they acted under the spell? Those who need your protection eventually died in your hand through air raid. I think if it’s a mistake as claimed, those involved in the mistake should not only be probed, but dealt with severely for their negligence.”
‘It’s deliberate, and they should be dealt with’-BALOGUN ADISA
It’s only a daft person that will believe what happened in Borno on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 was a mistake. It’s a sabotage of the highest order, and proper investigation must be conducted to ensure no one goes scot free. The casualty figure disclosed can’t be correct. You will realize at the end of it all, more than 200 people might have died. For you, as a trained military officer of that hierarchy, you must have had a perfect knowledge of your mission before taking off. So, there is no excuse for missing your target. May Allah grant those who died in the incident Al-janna Firdous. So sad!

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