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Divorce settlement: Women win right to more money from ex-husbands

Two women, Alison Sharland (48) and Varsha Gohil (50) both divorced have had a case ruled in their favour.

The women charged their ex-husbands of misleading judges about their networth during divorce proceedings at the Supreme Court, London.

A partner  of Bircham Dyson Bell (Westminister, London)’s law firm, Lawyer John Darnton, said, “The decision of the Supreme Court will be a huge interest to individuals who feel that their partner may have tried to mislead the court within financial proceedings on divorce, but it could have far wider implications on the effects of non-disclosure in divorce. ”

Mrs Sharland got £10 million in cash and properties from her ex-husband, while Mrs. Gohil also got £270,000 plus a car from her ex-husband.

Lawyers said, these women knew their husbands were worth more than what they put forward, reason they had them charged.


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