DJ Gosporella out with online radio

PRINCE Afojeare Ikhialose Igbauma, popularly known as DJ Gosporella is happy to see his dream come into fulfillment.  He is set to launch his online radio on Friday, October 10, 2014 at his Iyale Street, Ikeja, Lagos State office.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with him about it and much more…

What is new about Gosporella?

We got tired of being on one spot for a while, being a DJ to an on-air personality.  I am the person that loves moving, I can’t stay at a place for a long time.  What I am doing now is very challenging.  For the first time in my life, I wanted to give up on God. I had to pray to God to lead me to the next thing.  A guy who never calls me just called, though he was in Lagos then, I picked the phone and he kept on saying, “Why don’t you give us a radio station?”  He repeated it severally as if he was fighting with me.  So, I said okay.  Later on, I called him and asked him why he was saying what he said, he just told me he had a prompting to say it, that was it.  I called the guy that was to build the App, he promised to start the work without payment.  That was how it started.  Before he finished the website, God has provided money to put a lot of things in place.

We are also on Beat FM on Sunday morning. I can say we changed the face of gospel music presentation on Beat FM.  God took me through Beat FM so that I can learn the working of a radio station.  We have not really launched, what we have been doing for the past three months is training staff, getting the workings of operating an online radio.  I believe when God wants to change the situation in a domain, He will send His child into that domain and He will work things round for good in that sector.

What are some of the challenges you have faced since its inception?

Operating an online radio is not an area you should go into if you don’t have a lion’s heart because of power issue.  Internet itself, for the past three months, we have been dealing with a particular network, they have been promising us all sort of things.  Today it is up, tomorrow it is down.  We have to get another internet provider now, that has been a major challenge.  We also had a problem with human resources.

How soon are you launching?

Gosporella FM is a family station, music is our driving force.  I have some DJ working with me, we have a lot of interesting activities lined up, we have Gospel DJ’s on rampage, it will be hot.  We will play secular music as well, there are some secular music that is really meaningful and inspiring, those are the ones we will play. We are launching on Friday, October 10, 2014.

Tell us about your song, Hakuna Matata.

Hakuna Matata means don’t worry.  We didn’t enter the studio to do a song like that.  I was going through a phase in my life, I really needed comfort, reassurance and all stuffs.  We were to have our Easter Family Funfair, one of the artistes that was supposed to perform didn’t show up, rain even fell that day.  So, I was downcast.  I called some artistes Nikki Laoye, Innerman, Provabs, Ringtone was still in Nigeria then.  They all came together and we got a lovely song, that was it.  We didn’t practice, before each person just suggested what they could contribute and we rolled out.

Is Gosporella not thinking about marriage again?

Yes, I want to.  But you know when you have been beaten once, you will want to be very careful.  It is something that has been on my mind.  If I get married, I will succeed more.  I have been searching for two years, there are so many divas, ladies but there is no wife. I want a wife, not a lady.

That means you are not yet in a relationship?

Not at all, I am still single.  The only relationship I am in is with my kids and my God.

How long will the search go on?

The day I see a wife, the qualities I am looking for, a spirit filled woman with wisdom.  Beauty is from the inside.  Before I used to look at the appearance but I know better now.  A wife is made from the inside, a lady is made of the outside.  There are two different things. I was talking to a friend in London one day and she asked me when I was getting married, I told her to look for a wife for me.  So, I will get married soon to somebody who loves God passionately.  She must be very wise as well, that is the only way she can deal with me.  She must be patient as well, I am an impatient person.  Once she possesses all these qualities, I am okay.

Have you discussed it with your children, what was their reaction?

My oldest child is a guy, he is 23 years. He is staying abroad.  There is a tradition in Edo traditional rulers kingdom, their first child, a male does not grow up with them.  I have three girls, I love them so much. I get three kisses every morning from them.  They spoke with me about it.  One of them was crying one day and I asked her why, she told me I am lonely that I should get married.  They are in full support.  They are all loving.  If I should take a lady home, they will be all over her.  It is very rare for me to take a lady home except she means a lot to me. I have asked one or two people out but the question they keep on asking is how will they manage my kids?  It didn’t work out eventually.  If I get the right person, it will not take me two days to marry the person and it wouldn’t be an elaborate ceremony because most swaggalious marriages don’t last nowadays.  They would have invited all the witches and wizard all over Nigeria.  The marriage did not break up because they are not compatible; there is a spiritual reason behind it.


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