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DJ Olu and Chime’s families have 6 questions for Lagos CP

The statement credited to Lagos Police Commissioner (Edgar Imohimi) about details from the scene of death of Olugbemiga Abiodun and Chime Amaechina Jude – who died around 8 pm in Banana Island (Ikoyi, Lagos) on Saturday, October 7 – has been the source of distress for the deceaseds’ families.

The Abioduns and Amaechinas are unhappy that such a sweeping statement linking their sons to dying from drug overdose could be made by a top police officer.

They are upset that the CP didn’t wait for the autopsy reports before making the claim.

 And they have raised questions to show that the statement was too premature.

 Here are some of the concerns about the statement as compiled by


  1. Who told the CP the age of the young men which he listed as 25?

The families maintained that DJ Olu was 24 and Chime, 23.


  1. Who conducted a toxicology examination of the substance he labelled drug?

How could the substance reportedly picked up from the BMW car be proclaimed drug without a toxicology test? What kind of drug was it?


  1. Is the police looking at the poison angle as both ate before dying?

The families claimed both could have been poisoned because they had a meal just before they died.

What did they eat? Where did they eat? Who prepared the food?


  1. Which business did they go for in Ibadan?

They were discussing big business with Oyo state government. So, who was against them from having that deal?


  1. There’s a claim that someone in a hooded top dropped something in their car and was picked by the CCTV?

Who came to drop something in the car? Were they already dead then?


  1. How could two people die at the same time with blood from their nostrils and mouth?

The coincidence is too unlikely. It must be a premeditated action.

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