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Dj Stramborella on his Top Dj’s

Back in the days being a disc jockey might have been some sort of joke or a hobby to pass time. Now it has become a noble profession; in fact, one of the highest paying jobs in the Nigerian  entertainment industry as DJs get paid per show and get as much as three to four shows per week and even more on a good paying week. presents a series where top Nigerian Disc jockeys tells us about their top DJs and why they are on their list.

DJ Stramborella highlights his 5 top DJs and why he thinks they are good:

5. Dj Spicey – Dj Spicey is in his 20s but his music sense is awesome. I checked him out once at D’place Lekki. Yo! Kid gat game from old skool to New skool. He understands what branding is all about.

4. Dj Sose – Sose will not have made my top 50 few years ago, but trust me, this guy has improved from 1-100 real quick. The striking tattooed face identity and his tv and radio presence sets him apart. And most of all, his playlist is usually weird and incredible.

3. Dj Neptune. I love DJ Neptune from his mixing prowess from Ray power to his crowd pleasing ability. He is still very hot, Neptune is intelligent that’s all a good Dj needs.

2. Dj Humility. This dude right here is my son. No 1 on rhythm 93.7 Lagos. Always on point with d hit tracks, his radio show “Area codes every Thursdays nite is on Rythm network. Dj Humility is d most passionate dj I know. He will always be quick to tell u that, dj stramborella taught me how to Mix.

1. I Should be at No1 but let me give it to a more deserving legend Dj Mixmastertee. He is more popular amongst older dj’s,   but he got the respect of every Dj. Mixmastertee is the best turntablist in Nigeria today, there is no arguments about dat, any dj dat says otherwise might just be a novice or biased. His skills are second to none.

– Tinuola joseph 


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