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Disk jockeying has become a thriving business in the Nigeria entertainment industry. ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you some Nigerian djs who have veered into music. They spoke on why they went into music and more.


Can we get to know you?

My name is Jimmy Adewale Amu. I am known as DJ Jimmy Jatt.

jimmy-jatt-pic-1-e1407068670216How did the journey into disc jockeying start?

It started when I was young. I grew up loving music. I aspired to be an artiste. I started making demo tapes. Along the line, I found myself as a disc jockey because of one of my brother’s influence.

Why did you decide to go into music?

It was not a conscious decision. I never made a decision to go into music. Like I said, I loved music as a child, so from loving music to trying out music and eventually started disc jockeying. I never had the plan to be a dj for a long time. I wanted it for a short time but here we are still doing it.

What has the experience been like?

It’s been nice. It’s been challenging. It has its ups and downs. It’s been nice because I enjoy music and I also makes ends meet. It was challenging at the beginning because people didn’t see what I was doing as a profession.

This is what I love doing and I enjoy it.

How many songs and albums do you have?

I have over 60 songs and two albums. My first album has 24 tracks and the second one has 26 tracks. I also have a couple of singles. I have more collaboration than any artiste in Nigeria. I have recorded with every artiste you can think of. My first album was a collaborations with about 50 artistes and the second album with about 66 artistes and I have done other singles outside those albums which I collaborated with some artistes.

A lot of djs are going into music, what do you have to say about this?

It’s a good thing. They are following the leader. When I started, it was mainly to let djs see the possibility. So they would follow. The only thing that puts me off is when some people make it look like its their baby.

Do you think the public has accepted your songs?

Very well, if they have not accepted, how would I survive? My last single is still on every chart. My first single is one of the biggest songs I released in 2006/2007. It’s still on every top 10 of the decade.

Apart from being a Dj, what else do you do?

I am a business man. I play as a dj in concerts and weddings.

Why don’t you participate in the singing?

That’s because I am not a singer. I have never tried to be a singer. I am just hosting artistes on record. That’s a different thing from being a singer or a rapper. It’s not peculiar to me. It’s how djs make their money. If you check America and Europe, you will find a lot of people doing the same thing.

What are the pains and gains of disc jockeying and music?

The gains are immense because no matter what you are going through, you listen to music. Music is life, music is next to water because everyone needs music. If you are feeling good, you want to rejoice, you need music. If you’re feeling sad and you want to forget your sorrow, you need music. No matter how you feel, there are genres of music for different moments.

I am the man in charge of pushing that music to people. It’s like someone that brings good news. So, it’s a good feeling for me. As weak as tired as I am now, if I get behind the deck, you will be amazed how fast I would recover. I might fall sick thereafter.

How was 2015, the high and lows of the year?

Every year has its own peculiarities. The early part of it was when the elections took place, it wasn’t the best period for entertainers and even after that, it was just there because of the change of government, but towards the end of the year, it was okay. It was a great year. First, you look at the fact that you are still alive. We should be grateful for life and we are still here, the country is still together.

What are you plans for 2016, career wise?

A whole lot. This year, I will put out a video with Wizkid. I will release a song entitled Ayato featuring Big Little. I am also wrapping up a single and working on a compilation as well.



Can we get to know you?

DJ Baddo 1-Fullscreen capture 2182016 122335 PMMy name is Godfrey Egbe, popularly known as D, a.k.a Badoo originator since 1999.

How did the journey into being a Dj start, Why did you decide to go into music?

I have a passion for good music and since I’m not gifted as singer I decided to put my good listening skill to use and entertain people as well.

What has it been like, the experience? 

It’s has been a wonderful experience so far.

How many songs and albums do you have?

I don’t have an album out yet but I have officially released six singles which featured the likes of Terry G, Jaywon, Durella, Small Doctor, Olumix, Skaliey, ShadyXL…just to mention a few. I’m also dropping a single featuring Skales entitled Finally very soon.  I’m putting together an album.

A lot of Dj’s are going into music, what do you have to say about this?

You will agree with me that there is a lot of money in the industry right now. Artists are getting endorsements and all, it is only fair that Dj’s get a piece of the cake too.

Do you think the public are receiving your songs?

Of course, all my singles get a lot of good feedback. Dj Baddo is fast becoming a household name, responses are getting massive every day. There is still a lot of ground to cover though.

Apart from being a Dj, what else do you do?

I run a management company called Baddo Ent. World, it’s also a promotion company.

Why don’t you participate in singing, most times you just drop a line or two?

Like I mentioned, I’m not a singer, so I just put together ideas and get artistes to interpret it.

What are the gains and pains of juggling disk jockeying and music? 

Like every other venture, it has its ups and downs, we just find a way to balance things up.

How was 2015, the highs and lows?

2015 was a great year, we shut down streets.
What are your plans for 2016, career wise?

In three words #we shutting in down.



DJ Consequence 1-Fullscreen capture 2182016 122127 PMCan we get to know you? 

My names are Akeredolu Precious Pelumi, known as DJ Consequence The Vibes machine, A Yoruba from Ondo state. First born from the family of four.

How did the journey into being a Dj start?

Started in secondary school, picked interest from social activities were we usually invited djs to play for us. I used to love music and like to hear djs play. I was also the music prefect in secondary school and played music instruments.

Why did you decide to go into music? 

As I said, I have always been a music lover and I have been around music since secondary school days.

What has it been like, the experience? 

Its been fun, challenging and worth it. It has gotten me to a very reputable stage as one of the topmost disc jockeys in Nigeria, official dj for the biggest Night club in Nigeria /West Africa, Quilox Nigeria’s biggest weekly music event, Industry Night.

How many songs and albums do you have? 

I have three singles with features from Dammy Krane, Ice Prince (OTID), Big Mo, Niyola (Just The Two Of us), Ketchup (She Like). I don’t have an album yet, but will drop an E.P and album in the nearest future.

A lot of Dj’s are going into music, what do you have to say about this? 

Everything is changing and it is good. Djs are not just the regular play the music people, they now have their own singles, albums, and some are also into production which I am also working on.

Do you think the public are receiving your songs?

Yes, they are.

Apart from being a dj, what else do you do? 

Live sound engineering, rentals and installation.

Why don’t you participate in the singing, most time you just drop a line or two? 

That’s because not all djs can sing. I never used to even say anything in my songs, but have started dropping one or two lines.

What are the gains and pains of juggling disk jockeying and music? 

The pain is that its time taking and challenging. The gains is that it promotes you more and you get jobs and events which you get paid.

How was 2015, the highs and lows? 

2015 was great for me, getting to greater heights and releasing two singles and one video.

What are your plans for 2016, career wise?
Already dropped a new video featuring Ketchup and a new mixtape tagged The playlist. Going to release more singles and videos and we might have a Dj Consequence tour/concert.





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