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Does the harsh economy affect libido?

– Nigerian men admit having less sex now

The poor economic situation of Nigeria right now has affected Nigerians on many ways. And this, perhaps, has led to loss of libido, especially among the average ones. Some Nigerians, Encomium Weekly sought their views also confirmed reduction in their sexual energy one is the harsh economy…


TUNDE AWONIYI – Yes, the situation has affected my sexual life. It has affected so many things. All the prices of man’s basic needs have been affected by the poor state of the economy. Now, the thinking has shifted to what to eat, how we’re going to get to work daily, rather than thinking of sex. It’s obvious that things are not easy right now. The economy is so tough now, but we all need to endure the situation, not only because of ourselves but our children and the generations yet unborn. I will be alright after the battle against corruption is won. God bless Nigeria.


ISIAKA AYOBAMI – Nigeria’s economic situation right now, is terrible. And that has affected every aspect of my life, including my libido. And I believe it has also affected the libido of every right thinking man on the street. How can you be thinking of sex when you’re unable to fulfill your domestic responsibilities on your wife and children? Even, most times my mind doesn’t go to that area at all.  My wife and I think much of how to pay our children’s school fees now, not sex. And as it is, sex or rising libido has to do with the state of the mind. Things are terrible now. We only pray they get better son. May be my libido will start rising again.


KIMPE KAYODE – With the situation of things in Nigeria, everything is affected including men’s ability to perform in bed. When you’re frustrated, sex becomes unappealing to you. So, it affects it but not to much.


OLATUNJI SAHEED – The hard economy should not affect a man’s libido now. If you do not satisfy your woman in bed when she needs you, you will only create more problems because she would go out to find someone else to do that. And when the economy comes back to normal, you would have lost your woman to another man.


BANJI OLUFEMI  – It is only when a couple eats to their satisfaction that they would remember sex. The current economy does not give room for such. I personally have not been doing too well in bed and the fault is not from me alone, my woman too has not been in the mood.


KELECHI UGONNA – The downfall in our economy is really affecting urge for sex. Things are always hard for those who don’t have money. Not only here in Nigeria, it’s everywhere. In situations like this bad economy, hardship affects one’s libido and demonstration of love.


AROJOJOYE DAMILARE – When serious hardship hits a man, most times, his thoughts find no bearing. In a nasty mood, you will never have urge for sex. So, I’m telling you categorically that the current economy is affecting lbido. I don’t even think about sex anymore.


ODUWOLE MUYIWA – To some extent, the harsh economy is affecting libido. Most quarrels between couples are usually because of money and other related issues affecting the family. Now that the whole country is suffering, the urge for sex is no longer there.


ADEBOWALE – Yes, it affects it because it affects the state of the mind and by the time you think of the responsibilities you have to take care of, you will not think of sex. The more your mind is far away from sex, the low your libido becomes.


KAYODE – No, it does not. There is no relationship between libido and economy because there is no way the economy has helped. So, everyone should look after himself and get the satisfaction he or she wants.


SAMSON ADEBOLA – My libido is not affected in any way. There is no relationship between the economy and my urge for sex. At least, if people can’t eat they will do something else to derive satisfaction and joy.


GABRIEL – It doesn’t affect my libido, because, we are trying to cope with the economy and do the needful when they arise. Economy does not hold me from sex. If I have the urge, I will tell my wife. And if I don’t, I won’t.


ROTIMI SALAKO – Yes, it does. There is hunger everywhere, too many responsibilities everywhere, too many problems everywhere. There is no way there will be urge for sex. Moreover, I do not even think of it. It is as if the situations of things have affected my libido, so sex right now is out of it.


AKIN – How do you expect me to perform in bed with this nasty situation on ground, even if I try it, my wife will not allow me because there is no money.


BADMUS FAYOSE – That doesn’t stop me. It is my duty at home. Even if I don’t have much, I still do it but not every day, once in a week.


OLOLADE IWALESIN – Don’t you know that sex is part of marriage? Truly, if there is no money, you will not have the strength to perform, because God even said if you want to have sex with your wife, you must ensure she is happy. Tell me how you expect her to be happy when she is not sure of breakfast, not to talk of lunch? If it is you, would you answer such husband? It is not possible.


FAROUQ TOHEEB – I still have sex with my wife but not every time. I won’t let this situation get me down.


FEMI OLANIYI – Definitely! I wouldn’t think of any other thing now than how to pay bills. My children are resuming school next week. I have over N100,000 to pay for three children. The least thing that will come to my mind now is sex. My wife wouldn’t even allow me if I think of it. I have not given her money for the house keep for over three months now. The only language she understands is money for feeding.


SEYI AJAO – I will say to a large extent. The situation of the country has gotten to a point that most men don’t have time for that aspect of life again. Most men are weighed down because they cannot perform their obligations at home again. They only remember that when they want to ease tension. I have reduced my love making to once in two weeks. My wife is not complaining either. We are facing the same challenge.


OLU ADEYERI – I don’t think so. I use love making to forget all the challenges I am combating. I still have sex five times a week. If I don’t, I wouldn’t enjoy myself during the week. My wife is also used to it. In fact, if I don’t respond, she will accuse me of seeing a woman outside. The fact remains that I cannot help the situation. I am trying to meet up with my responsibilities, I can’t kill myself. We will continue to pray and work extra hard. Our government should also wake up.


MOLA FEYINTOLA – The harsh economic situation has reduced libido really. We are all concerned with the task of making ends meet than love making. We didn’t plan for the last child we had last year. It was as a result of active libido, I can’t try that again. The economic situation has made matters worse.


RANI USMAN – To a large extent. Nigeria is not what it was last year, even in January. I don’t know for any other person but as for me, I don’t think I am eager to have sex again. I don’t feel in the mood again. I was tempted to go for a medical checkup but on a second thought, I changed my mind. I have a lot of things occupying my mind now.





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