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Does virginity have any value?

A lot has been said about female virginity and staying chaste by different scholars based on religious and traditional views, on the pages of newspaper, social media, in worship houses, in conferences, on radio and television to mention but few. 

However, virginity seems to have lost its originality and importance as it is now very uncommon and mostly difficult to find virgins amongst ladies today. Ladies tend to throw up their value in exchange for material things, and on several occasions, just to catch fun and “feel among”. The male counterparts also do not expect much from the females in a relationship, because they believe that there are no virgins anywhere as girls now give out their virginity as early as 15years. This prompted the interview with several Nigerians on whether virginity still has value with this question “does virginity have any value?”. Below are their views.


‘If a lady is able to preserve herself for her husband…’ – BABALOLA SEHINDE

Virginity still has value, at least, to the best of my own understanding. But were are the virgins? They are nowhere to be found, the angry foxes have devoured them. If a lady is able to preserve herself for her husband, then the man will surely appreciate it.


‘Girls today don’t value their virginity’ – YEKINNI AZEEZ

I am glad you asked, you see virginity has no value nowadays. It’s not like in the olden days, when ladies dress decently, keep their body till they get married. I believe sex is an incredibly strong symbol of love, but it’s not really so today. Girls today don’t value their virginity, they just want to what their friends are doing. They believe they can’t be loved without sex.


‘It has no value anymore’ – OLUWOLE GBOYEGA

Virginity has no value anymore because I don’t think I ever dated any virgin. They seem to have lost it even before they started moving out of their parents’ houses.


‘Virginity doesn’t really have value and…’ – IFEDAYO SUNDAY

Virginity doesn’t really have value and this not the fault of the youths but that of our elders. Charity they say, begins at home. If the parents play their role well by letting their children know the importance of staying chaste, things won’t be like this. But today, parents don’t see the need to educate their children on that. And also, even those that manage to remain intact till when they got married are not duly compensated like we used to do in the olden days, that’s why most ladies don’t see the need to keep themselves.


‘It still has it value, for those who realize it’ – SHITTU RUKAYAT

Yes, virginity still has it value, for those who realize it. And for those who know that almighty God detests fornications and pre-marital sex. Though, most people think there is no virgin anywhere, but I am sure all the ladies didn’t lose their virginity from their mothers’ womb.


Virginity still very much has value today’ – ADEGOKE BOLADE

Virginity still very much has value today, reason being that it’s not easy to come by. If a man is lucky to marry a virgin for a wife, he will surely pamper and cherish her.


‘It’s only women that value virginity, most men don’t’ – ADEKANMBI OMOLEWA

My own view about it is that most men don’t see it as anything anymore. There are men who will tell you they can’t marry a virgin. Some of them say they can’t go through the stress of deflowering a lady and they can’t watch the lady go through the pains as well. And some of those ladies who have lost their virginity, it’s not their fault. It’s only women that value virginity, most men don’t.


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