Doherty unfolds development agenda for Lagos

Lagos acting national chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Lagos state governorship aspirant, Engineer Adedeji Doherty has stated that if he emerges as Lagos state governor, come 2015, his development agenda will positively touch the lives of the people of the state.

He made the statement in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly. According to him, the present government in Lagos has been concentrating on what he called visuals. “They have been focusing on visuals, they have been focusing on what people can see, not things that will make impact. If I go through express roads, I might see traffic lights, but how will those traffic lights have impact on my pocket? How does it have an impact on my children? How does it make an impact if I am sick? It only creates ambience, partly security and beautification.

“What we are supposed to focus on is long term plan. We should move into the Decongestion Project 1. In the Decongestion Project 1, it goes into rural development. That means that we should move from Eti Osa down to Epe, heavy development, low cost housing in order to drive people out of urban Lagos into the rural Lagos. If people have to move into rural Lagos, there should be something that has to take them there. My housing policy should take them there; transport policy should take them there. The civil servants that decide to live in the rural areas should have 25 percent increase in salary,” he said.

He added that he is in the race to serve the people because he has been part of the grass root.

“I want to serve my people. I have been part of the grassroots for several years. This has given me the sight into what the people need and what they ought to benefit from democracy.”

Doherty maintained that his vision is to regenerate Lagos state as a leading economic, industrial, commercial, crime- free, friendly and tourist centre, attracting people from other parts of Nigeria and international community while the mission is to work tirelessly towards the total enhancement of the lives of all inhabitants in Lagos.





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