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‘Beauty is pain’ -Dolapo Oni, TV personality (BEAUTY SECRETS OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS)

THERE are two shining halves from satellite television programme, the increasingly popular Studio 53.  First is the effervescent quirky Eku Edewor.  Then there is the petite but perfectly formed, cool and chic Dolapo Oni, who told us how she maintains that sexy mien in front of the klieg lights without melting…

Dolapo Oni (1)Tell me three products you can’t do without?

That would have to be my Bourjois Eye Liner; I love MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 with vanilla, it’s very nourishing and moisturizes my lips.  Then I also couldn’t do without mascara.  I don’t really wear makeup when I am not working. It’s usually eyeliner, mascara and I’m ready to go.  I like mascara just to give the eyes an added oomph.  I use Mascara by Mac as well.

What’s the most important advice that you’ve ever received?

I think the most important beauty advice is always washing your face.  I don’t think using really expensive skin products can replace just what keeps your face clean can do.  Personally, I like to let my skin breath so when I am not going out or working I don’t tend to wear makeup.

What product don’t you like?

I really don’t like too much powder, in fact, I don’t think it’s very healthy for the skin.  It sometimes tends to cake the skin as well.

What is your skin care regime?  What do you do from the moment you wake up till you go to bed?

I stick by the Clinique 3 step regime, cleanse, tone and moisturizer.  I also use the Clinique Even Better range.  It’s very good at evening especially as I am always on the move and travelling. I don’t have acne or anything like that but the sun and elements are always playing havoc with the skin.

What kind of skin do you have?

I would say a combination.  I don’t sweat a lot so the makeup stays put but I do get the occasional spot.

Dolapo Oni (2)-001What makeup brands, for things like foundation, do you like and use?

To be perfectly honest, I try as much as possible to go natural.  Like I said, I like my skin to breath.  But definitely when I am going to a glamorous event or for television I use foundation and I definitely like Mac.  I hardly ever use the liquid foundation, because you have to be an expert to be able to blend it perfectly.  If I am doing the makeup myself it’s always Studio Fix which is easy to use.

What about things like lipstick and gloss? Which do you prefer?

I am definitely a lipstick girl. I don’t like the look of lip-gloss on me. It just looks like an oily slick…I prefer lipstick.

Do you have facials?  Where do you have them done?

Yes, I try to have them once a month but end up having them say every three months because I am so busy. I have it done at BNatural Spa in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. I usually get a hydrating facial with Vitamin C.

Do you go to the gym?

Me?  No…I don’t really do gym. I find it very boring to be running in one place for a while.  It just seems so monotonous and repetitive.  And I lack the concentration and attention span (laughs).  Rather, I prefer to run and I do that in my estate about three times a week. I also like swimming and play tennis to help keep my body in shape.

Do you diet?

No. I don’t like diets.  I don’t deprive myself of anything. I try to eat loads of vegetables, as much as possible.  Other than that I just eat small portions.  Funnily enough, I really tend to lose weight in Nigeria…I think it’s the heat and the fact that I am always moving around and busy.

Dolapo Oni (2)What’s your dress size?

I am a UK size 8 and 5’2.

Considering that you have a very tight schedule in between shooting in Nigeria, South Africa and other parts of the world, how do you relax?

I relax by watching movies, going to the theatre, listening to music…that kind of thing.

And how do you treat yourself?

Save up and buy an indulgently expensive perfume for myself.

And what’s your favourite perfume?

It’s Chloe Rosebud Limited Edition.  I love its slightly sweet rosy fragrance, not too overbearing.

How would you describe your style?

I am cute, fun and flirty…I don’t take myself too seriously.  I don’t just buy things because it’s a label.  I will buy anything I like and can afford.

What’s your favourite colour?

I love green…like forest green.  For some reason it just looks so complementary with my skin tone.

What do you like having done to your hair?

I obviously wear weaves most of the time because of the job and when you go out you want to look a little more glamorous, but I like my own hair which is a bob.  I try to look after it by having regular treatments, at Four Points and just blow drying. I can’t do without Keracare Hair products, they are especially good.  The last time I did braids was probably five years ago, and funnily enough I am considering getting braids done soon.  We need to let our hair rest a bit.

(2)What’s your favourite article of clothing in your wardrobe?

Probably my tea dresses.  I have a couple that I bought from Topshop.  They are lovely and floral with a flared skirt.  I love them because they are so easy to wear them and feminine.  I would normally wear to lunch with friends.

What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

Definitely my Christian Louboutins.  They are so expensive.  I really have to decide whether or not to wear them.  They only see the light of day on really glamorous occasions. They are a good four and half inches, but then we all know that women suffer for fashion.  Beauty is pain…(laughing).

What’s your fashion fetish?

Shoes…shoes.  And I don’t just like heels, I like all kinds of shoes…wedges, flats, sandals.  As long as they look nice…conservatively I would say I have about 30 pairs…actually that’s not a lot.

Is there anything you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Oh…that’s a hard one.  I would never say never, but I really don’t like pink…especially fuchsia pink.  I know it’s supposed to be a girly colour but I don’t like it and you’d be hard pressed to ever see me wearing it.  I just don’t think it goes well with my complexion.

Dolapo_3Who are some Nigerian designers that you like…

I love Bridgette Awosika’s clothing. She just knows how to dress women.  It doesn’t matter if you are slim, tall or curvy she has something for everyone, making different shapes all sexy and chic.  They are lovely. For international designers I like Michael Kors.  Funnily his designs are very, very simple, but you look really pulled together and chic in them.

Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

No.  I certainly don’t think so.  Again, never say never but at this point in time I like what I look like.  I like women that age gracefully, I’ve seen some women that have had plastic surgery and they never look as good or as natural as women who haven’t at their age.  I don’t like that ever-present weird surprised look.




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