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Dr.Dre leads as rapper with dirtiest lyrics

According to the website, Rapalytics – which has complied its own ‘profanity explorer’ to try and break down the numbers – has come with up with the answer to the question of “who the most potty-mouthed rapper in the world is?”

Apparently it’s Dr Dre.The site came to this conclusion after a serious research, which brought about studying the lyrics of over 1000 rap albums and 150 rap performers in order to come up with a conclusive result.

Others are :

ASAP Rocky – 48 percent
Notorious BIG- 4.1 percent
Snoop Dogg – 3.3 percent
50 Cent – 3.3 percent
Nicki Minaj – 3.2 percent
Eminem – 2.3 percent
Kanye West – 1.8 percent
Public Enemy- 0.7 percent
Beastie Boys- 0.5 percent
MC Hammer- 0.2 percent

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