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‘They have over N5.7 billion Ebola fund fraud allegation to address’


Amidst the scandalous and criminal allegation of impersonation and being a fake medical doctor operating with a friend’s license, embattled ‘suspended’ staff of Federal Ministry of Health, Dr George Davidson Daniel has denied it all.

The embattled ‘medical doctor’ addressed some of the many allegations against him in a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Associate Editor, Uche Olehi on Monday, June 29, 2015, from 10:25 am to 11:39.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, however, couldn’t continue with the conversation as  Dr George Davidson Daniel explained he was driving from Enugu to Abuja that very morning.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Hi, Dr George Davidson Daniel.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Hi, met before?

ENCOMIUM Weekly: No, my brother.

And you’re Martins Ugwu?

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Tell me more sir.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: I’m a journalist,  I’m the Associate Editor of ENCOMIUM Weekly.

And you?

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Mr. Linus Awute (Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health) and co are giving me the name they feel, but I know my names.

I am suing for libel soonest; Daily Trust, Punch and Ray Power.

My dear brother.

Hope you’re safe. Be safe as we approach justice.

We have agreed to do story lines based on verifiable evidences.

Another story to International Criminal Court. Last, an official presentation to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Then, we would copy others.

(He forwards a story dated Saturday, June 13, 2015, to prove his case).

“Ebola Scandal: Group demands AU, Nigeria probe of volunteer’s maltreatment in Liberia, Sierra Leone.”

(The report alleges that Nigeria’s Ministry of Health officials who coordinated the deployment and return of the volunteer mission exposed Nigerians to grave health risks by expelling the volunteers from hotels where they were staying before all mandatory health safeguards were completed. This again, along with allegations of corruption, the group said, must be investigated by the Buhari administration in order to establish whether public health officials themselves could have so seriously endangered the lives of Nigerians in the manner alleged.

If so established, the responsible officials must be held accountable for their actions. “This is the minimum that our government should do to ensure Nigerians stay safe, and are not hopelessly discouraged from serving their country and continent should the need arise again, Mr. Joseph Otteh, Director, Access to Justice, said).

ENCOMIUM Weekly: That’s why I’m approaching you, are you Dr George Davidson Daniel or Martins Ugwu? We would want to hear your story, sir.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: They can delay justice but not denial. I’m sending a letter signed by me now.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Sir, were you at any time arrested or quizzed by the police in respect of being an impostor?

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Allegedly, Mr. Linus Awute, Perm Sec Federal Ministry of Health and Nasidi Abdulsalami (Head, Nigerian Centre For Disease Control),Kehinde John Akintunde and co in ploy to set me up and distract me from the course of justice,framed me up. I was invited by the Apo Police Station May 2015, February 2015.I was also picked up on frame up that I buggled an office but police report show nothing like that happened.

Fight corruption and it fights back.

Nasidi Abdulsalami forged AU documents.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: So, you insist you are Dr George Davidson Daniel and not

Mr. Martins Ugwu?

Or you’re both, because they said Mr. Martins Ugwu is your name on Facebook.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: I must appreciate you got in touch with me because this is the first time any journalist reached out to me.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: (sends a story)

“Nigerian Ebola Volunteers Write President Buhari, How They Were Cheated, Maltreated And Abandoned By Nigeria And AU Officials In Sierra Leone, Liberia And Nigeria”.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Please, read up the crux of the matter on

Then check it out yourself. Facebook and am Martins Ugwu? Ha-ha-ha

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Are you also aware they alleged that your best friend is the real Dr George Davidson and that he has implicated you? Is it really true?

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Do you have a Facebook account name, Tinostone Stone?

Dr George Davidson Daniel: It amazes me how these old folks think they gonna dribble Nigerians. For God sake for how long? We are talking of tax payers monies amounting to over N5.7b and they are resisting arrest and using media propaganda. The court decided that…

They can allege anything any way but I will remain focused.

Yea, Tinostone Stone.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: You have an account Tinostone Stone?

Dr George Davidson Daniel:  My son, my battery is getting very low. Journalism made easy I see here.

Please, balanced journalism in this 21st century is keywords. I appreciate the fact that you even reached out to me not minding what you may be reporting. But you know what journalism means. Nasidi Abdulsalami and Awute Linus are spending hell of cash, still tax payers monies to suppressively have their ways against Nigerians. But we are poised to reveal, expose all illicitly misappropriated funds.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: I wouldn’t have made serious effort to reach you, sir if we’re not ENCOMIUM Weekly.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Thanks.

I actually have volume of information for your investigation and reporting.

Though I have finished my own investigation.

It is frustrating to serve the nation God gave us but for now only one Nigeria so without fear or favor… We call a spade a spade.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Sir, let me sum up the allegations: That you are a fake doctor who operates with a friend’s license and particulars. You’ve addressed the issues and given reasons they are after you? What else can you add, sir?

(Forwards his petition to President Buhari)

His Excellency, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, CnC, Mr. Linus Awute, Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Health, Prof Nasidi Abdulsalami, retired civil servant but still signatory to government account, Kehinde John Akintunde, a director in Federal Ministry of Health, Prof. Chukwu Oyebuchi former minister, Federal Ministry of Health and Dr Obasanya Joshua should be asked what happened to tax payers monies. I have worked relentlessly to see Nigeria back to its place in the comity of nations.

Very few corrupt elements dent our image nationally and internationally. Please, rescue us. In the health sector, I know all of them. Retired and serving. Nigeria should grow, please. A case of N5.7 billion is established against them and they are resisting arrest. I have all relevant documents of embezzled Ebola funds. Davidson (under cover job)

ENCOMIUM Weekly: So, who are you?

Dr George Davidson Daniel: I am Dr Davidson George who fought Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in Nigeria but not paid his entitlement and I asked the authority and they attempted assassinating me, gave a dog a bad name to hang me. My counsel are working on that already

Made myself clear to you?

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Yes, so its a frame up?

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Ask them to avail you who they claimed I impersonated. Can you permit me to drive further because I parked to chat with you. Are you in Abuja? Am driving from Enugu to Abuja now.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: I would get back to you since you’re driving. The most important thing is your explanation which we have noted.

Dr George Davidson Daniel: Awute Linus, Nasidi Abdulsalami, Kehinde John Akintunde, Obasaya Joshua, etc have a pool of blood money, Nigeria’s tax payers’ money. They talk tough on media… They send emissaries to plead with me. Are you aware Nasidi Abdulsalami is to be arrested today on IGP orders? Ok, warm regards.

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