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Dr. Sid opens up on romance with Simi Osomo

-Moves into multi-million naira house +Set to celebrate 10 years on stage

If you’re in doubt, Mavin Records artiste, Sidney Onoriode Esiri, popularly known as Dr. Sid is in a serious relationship and the lucky lady in his life is Simi Osomo.  

The dentist turned music star exclusively confirmed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that he’s in a serious beautiful relationship with the former editor of Complete Fashion Magazine, adding that she’s going to move into his home soon.

In an interview held on Saturday, July 27, 2013 at Sports Club, Abeokuta, Ogun State, the son of the late veteran Nollywood actor also spoke on his multi-million naira mansion and what the industry has taught him in the last 10 years of his music career… 
It’s close to three years you dropped Turning Point and 2013 is dashing out. Should we still expect a new album from you this year?

Already, I have smashing singles out there; Lady Don Dada, Love Mine, Talented, and people are dancing to them. My album is coming out in October, this year. It’s entitled Siduction. My fans should also expect one or two singles before the album drops. There will actually be more videos.

His House

His House

Is it going to be an elaborate album release or a quiet one?

Fortunately, this year marks my 10 years as a professional musician. 10 years of active music and I’m very grateful to God. For that alone, we have to do something big. It’s going to be elaborate and when it’s time, I’ll unveil the plans to celebrate me at 10.

10 years down the line. How does it feel?

For me, I’m very grateful to God, because it’s not easy to be around for so long. Many have fallen but I’m still here, waxing stronger. It’s not easy, my brother, I’m grateful to God and my fans that made me what I’m today.

Tell us more about your past music experience especially your days at the Trybesmen, a group of music talents that rocked the industry?

You made me remember our days at the Trybesmen. It was an unforgettable experience. When I saw the video of songs recently, I was overwhelmed, seeing those great works we’ve done at that tender age and most of us are still here today. For me, I have been blessed because I have worked with the best records labels even now, I have had the best Nigerian artistes around me, even to the best producer. I have always been grateful to God. Thank you Lord!

What is your most memorable experience in the last 10 years?

Honestly, I have had so many memorable experiences that I cannot tell you one precisely. But the fact remains, every memorable experience, no matter how big or small, is a blessing and I’m happy, very happy and it’s God.

Lessons you’ve learnt or the industry has taught you?

The industry has taught me, how to be a man. Besides, education is very important, so the industry has taught me that being an educated musician will helped shape your career. That’s why I always educate the young ones, they need education, not only for the music aspect alone, they’ll need it someday. Conclusively, the industry has taught me to be hard working, because if you work hard and you have good people around you, the sky will be your limit.

You once talked about your plan to feature in movies. When will that be?

I have just featured in a film where I played a supportive role. It’ll be out by December, it’s called The Last Three Digits produced by Moses Inwang. I believe with that, more roles will be coming for me because people will actually see the best of me.

Let’s talk about some of your successes in the last 10 years?

We’ll talk about that later, because I’m planning an elaborate party and you guys (journalists) would be invited, then you can do the interview exclusively where I’ll be relaxed to itemise them. But, not now!

Dr.Sid & Wife Sinmi (2)-001What about your greatest asset, I’m sure it’s your house because a lot of people were surprised that you could buy a wondrous edifice when your mates are busy buying exotic cars?

(Smiles) for me, I have been around for a long time, which means it’s long overdue. But I’m very happy that I have been able to buy a house and furnished it to my taste. It’s the glory of God. As a musician, we’re celebrated because we’ve got fame and money, but we use it anyhow forgetting that there is something important we need to do, which is having our own house. Fame and money will not be there forever. I will always say it with pride that I have the right people around me, my family because they try to push me to become a better person. I thank God, in fact, there are so many things to be thankful. So many achievements. In fact, being alive is my greatest achievement!

When is madam moving in because the house really needs her?

By the grace of God, very soon. It’s not new, I’m in a very beautiful relationship right now. We’re only taking it one step at a time.

Why did it take you long to unveil her?

It didn’t take me long and I didn’t just unveil her. Instead, you would say you guys (Journalists) just got to know because we’ve been in this relationship for a year. So, to say, ‘just unveil’ as most bloggers did is wrong
What does she mean to you?

She’s the one, I mean, one and only.





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