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Dr. Soleye moves on after Nike Oshinowo dumped him

NIKE Oshinowo’s estranged husband, Dr. Tunde Soleye has moved on, two years after she dumped him.

Although the mogul and boss of Duro Soleye Hospitals had hoped he and Nike would sooner or later mend fences, all indications now point to the bitter truth that the marriage he contracted with the ex beauty queen in 2007 is irredeemable.

It was also alleged that Nike no longer has the  time to listen to the renowned medical doctor’s sweet talks that initially gave her the impression that better things are in the offing.

Tunde & Nike Soleye

Tunde & Nike Soleye

Even after Nike abandoned Dr. Soleye, he was still optimistic she would realize her ‘mistake’ and return to him.

In fact, he told ENCOMIUM Weekly back then, he was expecting a fruitful meeting with the Oshinowos. But as many times as we asked if they finally met to iron out their differences, the smooth- talking accomplished man of means was still hopeful he would have his adorable Nike back.

“Adenike still remains the love of my life. I love her very much. We have been separated now for over a year but we still keep in touch. We even, sometimes go out for dinner. Marriages go though their challenges. Nike got married at 41. So, she has her ways but the things that separated us really are not irreparable. I have seen couples that broke up and made up after 35 years.  Mr. and Mrs. Cardoso, Terry Wayas and Eno Olafisoye had about five, six years separation and they are back together. It is not the first time Nike will be leaving me, and it will not be the last. It is only that this is the first time it will be reported.  Since we have been dating, we have parted ways for six good years. We started dating in 2000, in 2001, she ran away. In 2006, we came back together and got married in 2007,” Dr. Soleye told Newswatch on Sunday in an interview.

But a lot has happened since Nike and Dr. Soleye parted ways amicably in 2012.  They’ve not stepped out together at any public function. The socialite also kept him in the dark when she opted for surrogacy motherhood that resulted in her twin bundles of joys.

Initially, in doubt that his estranged wife would ever opt for surrogacy, when ENCOMIUM Weekly shared the news of the arrival of Nike’s twins, he said in an SMS to us, “I rejoice with Nike…”

Soleye & Nike2

Tunde & Nike Soleye

And weeks after Nike Oshinowo said she’s now more concerned with her kids and new TV programme than her failed marriage, Dr. Soleye is yet to state his own position. In fact, on Saturday, December 13, 2014, we sent him the following SMS which he shunned after repeated phone calls in the last two months:


“Good Morning, Dr. Soleye.  How is business and family?  ENCOMIUM Weekly wants to find out your plan now that your estranged wife, Nike Oshinowo has finally moved on. What is your relationship with her and are you still going to explore other reconciliatory options? We also learnt you might soon remarry.

Thanks, Uche Olehi, ENCOMIUM Associate Editor.”


ENCOMIUM Weekly also made countless efforts to ascertain Nike’s next move but she always pleaded to be left alone when it comes to her troubled marital life.

Adenike Asabi Oshinowo and Dr. Ayotunde Soleye’s marriage crumbled in 2012.

In fact, the stunning ex- beauty queen and entrepreneur, and her medical doctor and businessman hubby had been living apart even before they officially admitted their union has crashed.

While the style icon lived in an apartment in Ikoyi (Lagos), her former lover was all by himself in Parkview Estate, also in Ikoyi (Lagos).

Sources claimed that the union broke down in the middle of 2012 – and all efforts to resolve the differences between Nike and Dr. Soleye were unsuccessful.

“Yes, it is true that we live apart. We are working on our marriage.”  Nike told ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

The estranged couple later released a joint press statement that same day.

The statement read:

“Dr. Ayotunde Soleye and Chief Adenike Oshinowo have decided to live apart for now, while they work on their differences.  The couple, who have been married for six years, have requested for their privacy to be respected during this difficult period. They hope that you will put them in your prayers.

Thank you.”

On Sunday, January 20, 2013, Dr. Tunde Soleye also spoke with us on the troubled union. That evening, he admitted that he now lives apart from Nike Oshinowo but that they are still an item.

“We are a couple, but we are now living apart. There is nothing new about it. We are no longer living together. Nike and I have sent out a joint statement on the issue. It is simple and clean. There is no gap. We are resolving the issue.  Please, quote us. Nike is not saying a different thing from what I have said. Please, I’m talking to you with boldness because I fear God. This is not a scandal. It’s only news worthy. I will never lie. I’m a Cross bearer. We had three options, the best of which is to tell the world the truth that we now live apart.

“We are trying to make up. We are no longer living together. We have been living apart for a couple of months now. We see almost every week. She calls me when she wants and I speak with her too.

“There is no fight. I have been to where she lives. We are still friends. I speak to her regularly. We are an item and nobody can stop us. We are going through difficult times. We will come out of it. I don’t like fiction. This is fact. I can’t fear you more than I fear God. That is why I’m talking to you.”

Though family members made efforts to reconcile the estranged couple who were never given a chance, one needs not be told that Nike, 48 and Dr Soleye, 60 are yet to be reconciled.

Interestingly, the romance between Nike Oshinowo who was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in December 1990 and Dr. Tunde Soleye, founder of Duro Soleye Hospital (with major presence on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos) was never envisaged. Not many thought it was possible for the gorgeous damsel to agree to marry Soleye.

But after they were introduced by Segun Awolowo, Jnr (grandson of the sage and first Premier of Western Region and Leader of Opposition in Federal House of Representatives in the First Republic, Chief Obafemi Awolowo), they grew to be fond of each other.

Desirous to follow due process, there was an agreement that both had to have a formal union – beginning with an introduction, and later a wedding, once he divorced his first wife.

And by January 2007, at the home of Nike Oshinowo’s mother in Magodo area of Lagos, an introduction with close family members, and a few friends (including Sofisticat’s Lanre Ogunlesi and Nkiru Anumudu, wife of Globe Motors’ Willie Anumudu) in attendance, was staged.

With the commencement of their marital journey, the only issue at the time was Dr. Soleye’s many affairs (some of which produced three children out of wedlock) and his wife, Dr. Funmilayo Soleye – mother of his three children- whom he was constantly quarreling with.

Many who thought the couple would stage a talk-of-the-town wedding after the formal introductions were disappointed because there was none till their union collapsed!

Not a few actually predicted the marriage would not last. Hence it was a surprise it tarried till six straight years.

Some claimed that Oshinowo was ‘looking for gold’, with a made man who will lavish her with all the good things money can buy.

It was also alleged that Soleye was basking in vain euphoria of marrying ‘a trophy wife’ he would flaunt as status symbol as he struts among high society.

Many even insinuated that Nike Oshinowo was unaware that Dr. Tunde Soleye was no longer as rich as she thought – and when the high-flying lifestyle stops, she would move on.

Right from the beginning, there were many challenges that rocked the marriage. In the first place, Dr. Soleye, who was having a running battle with his first wife, Dr. Funmilayo Soleye, had abandoned the home they shared together.

He was said to be away in Abuja, ensconced at Nicon Hilton Hotel, where he had a suite. And whenever he came to Lagos, ENCOMIUM Weekly had observed, he made Nike Oshinowo’s Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island (Lagos) apartment home.

And as the months progressed, another challenge, over a contract he allegedly failed to execute after he was paid millions of dollars crept up. He has since cleared his good name with the EFCC, Nigeria’s anti-graft agency.



When Dr. Tunde Soleye and his estranged first wife, Dr. Funmilayo Soleye approached the court to formally terminate their marriage, years back, it was messy and unpalatable. Many mind-boggling episodes sauntered into public sphere -and the embarrassing scandal was as shocking as it was salacious.

At the divorce proceedings which ENCOMIUM Weekly reported in our edition of Tuesday, July 13, 2010, the drama was arresting.

In some of her depositions, she described the marriage to Nike Oshinowo as illegal, and demanded that all he owns should be equally shared.

His wife of 28 years narrated how they started a four-bed clinic at the Ajaokuta Steel Factory in old Kwara State, and turned it into a 30-bed facility.

“I never looked back because I thought it was a lifetime commitment. But I decided to take the back seat when I noticed he was having illicit relationships with certain members of staff,” she stated about their Allen Avenue, Ikeja (Lagos) hospital.

She went on to accuse Dr. Tunde Soleye of adultery and ill-treatment, lamenting that he reduced her to an object of ridicule which caused her untold psychological trauma.

The case, then before Justice Elfreda Williams Dawodu, which Dr Soleye eventually lost, had Nike Oshinowo as co-defendant.

Mrs. Funmilayo Soleye in the Suit (No. LD/28 OWD/07 at Lagos High Court, Igbosere) stated, “Since the marriage, he has unscrupulously breached his marital vows and frequently committed adultery in the most scandalous manner with at least seven women.”

She listed Miss Loraine Johnson who has a son, Oluwaseyi, for him in 1992; Lara Lawal, with a son, Ayomide in 2000; Yemisi Abiola; Omua Oni-Okpaku, with a son, Olamide; and Miss Hadiza Muazu.

Dr. Funmilayo Soleye also accused her husband of being an habitual drunkard who maltreated his family. And also abandoned his conjugal duties for ten years in spite of the fact they lived under the same roof at 35, Sinari Daranijo, Victoria Island (Lagos).

She asked for 250,000 pounds and N75 million from her husband; and N10 million from Nike Oshinowo (as damages for marrying her husband).

Dr. Ayotunde Soleye denied many of her claims, but admitted having children by three of the women. And that he stopped having sex with her for 20 years, as she refused his advances.

The failed marriage, contracted on December 8, 1979, produced Atolagbe Olumayowa (April 8, 1980), Temitope Ebunoluwa (March 20, 1982) and Oluwadurotimi Ayomakinwa (May 30, 1987).

The exit of Nike Oshinowo two years ago and possibility of her coming back most unlikely- has practically left the mogul single and searching again for yet another woman to spend the rest of his life.


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